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The Veronica Mars movie is finally out, and if you were a fan of the show back in the day, then you’re probably really excited about it. If you haven’t seen it yet, this post may contain some spoilers (so you might want to turn away before it’s too late…)

 1. I’m about to Piz myself.
I'm so excited kristen bell gif
2. A long time ago we used to be friends. And it’s been too damn long, Veronica Mars.
be closer to you kristen bell gif
3. Kristen Bell, you were the original Jennifer Lawrence.
kristen bell eye roll gif
4. Holy s***! Veronica is called a marshmallow and the snow monster from Frozen,
which Kristen Bell starred in, is also called Marshmallow. Coincidence? I think not.
kristen bell marshmallows gif
5. They’re really going to bring up the sex tape during a job interview?
How about we talk about your inability to poop, Jamie Lee Curtis?
kristen bell confused gif
6. My OTP for this show is me and Logan Echolls in a Navy uniform.
logan echolls wanna feel like a man walk me to class gif
7. It’s unfair how well these people have aged.
stop you'll make me blush kristen bell gif
8. Why did The CW have to ruin this show?
every time I put myself out their kristen bell gif
9. Please use the stun gun!
say what again veronica mars gif
10. Finally, Veronica dropped the F bomb.
kristen bell flexing gif
11. You know Wallace is the teacher that makes kids go through puberty.
welcome to neptune high veronica mars gif
12. I’d totally drink from Dick’s belt flask.
kristen bell drinking when in rome gif
13. Jesus Christ, Weevil.
veronica mars weevil gif
14. Besides Kristen Bell, what have these actors been doing since Veronica Mars?
kristen bell whatever gif
15. How can Neptune High even have a reunion? A third of the students have been murdered.
kristen bell confused gif 2
16. Yes, the stun gun!
kristen bell surprised kitty gif
17. Wait, where’s Backup? Oh…no.
compete with all of this emotion kristen bell
18. I wish Amanda Seyfried made a cameo as a ghost.
amanda seyfried veronica mars gif
19. Just because you were in Les Mis doesn’t mean you can’t be a dead best friend, Amanda.
i could never kristen bell veronica mars gif
20. I should change my voicemail to something Logan-esque.
help me mars won kenobi logan echolls gif
21. I need more.
kristen bell i know i'm amazing gif

What did you think of the Veronica Mars movie?

Featured image via Wired, all GIFs via Giphy.