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Source: Brucode via Facebook

Everyone procrastinates, but some types of procrastination are better than others. The ideal procrastination activity is one that draws you in for a limited time and then repels you back to the task at hand. If procrastination is like a holiday from hard work – which it is – then it stands to reason that you would want it to be a no-nonsense package deal rather than an amorphous 6 months of soul searching.

Finding the procrastinating tactic that works for you can be a huge advantage, as it allows you to accurately incorporate procrastination time into your daily schedule – this as opposed to a 30-mintue Netflix slot that slowly engulfs your entire week.

Let’s look at three great ways to procrastinate in short bursts that will reenergize you without sucking you in for hours at a time – at least not every single time…

  1. Online Casino Games

Online casino games are excellent for procrastinators, as they fulfil the two main criteria for being high-quality wastes of time. Firstly, they are engaging: a good procrastination activity is always high-octane and pumps the fun out in short and condensed bursts. It’s for precisely this reason that TV shows, especially slow-paced ones, are untenable – because they draw you in for long periods while you wait for the payoff.

Secondly, they’re low commitment. Any activity with a high barrier to entry is a terrible waste of time because once invested, we are unwilling to drop it and get back to what we should be doing. With sites like mFortune offering free spins no deposit deals however, it’s easy to dip in and out without fuss. Games like slots have the advantage that you’re able to play for a short amount of time without losing out on the fun, unlike more elaborate video games where you’re eager to see what the next stage or boss looks like.

  1. Arts and crafts

Although one this may seem left of field, but arts and crafts can be a great way to have frugal fun on your own – which is very close to being the number-one way to procrastinate but can also actually help you create something you can use to send wishes to your friends and family.

What’s great about any arts and crafts activity, however is that while it’s fun, it’s also somewhat frustrating, fiddly, and involving of gluey hands and strained patience, all of which actually makes for a great procrastination session.

To get you back on track, after all, you need to do something which will at one stage repel you, and the often-heartbreaking failures of arts and crafts projects can provide just the push you’re looking for.

Source: The Busy Mockingbird via Facebook

  1. Memes

It’s important to distinguish this from general internet browsing, which can be one of the most engrossing, grade-lowering ways of spending 5 to 10 hours – just say no, at least when you have to get back to studying soon. We mean memes, and only memes.

When you think of your usual meme browsing, all the criteria for good procrastination are met. It’s immediately fun, requires nothing but the most basic of literacy levels, and, after 20-or-so minutes, leaves you with a deep sense of dissatisfaction and the desire to do something less asinine.

So there you have it, three sure-fire ways of wasting just the right amount of time. Everyone is different, so it’s worth putting in the effort to see what form of procrastination suites your personality and work style best. The key thing, however, is to find an activity that interests you – but not too much!