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College is full of people who dream big. If you’re one of those people, hats off to you. You have a unique set of goals and skills that will shape this world for years to come and I honestly must give you personal kudos. If you’re not one of those people, there are a few things that you can take away from the lives of college entrepreneurs to help make yours better.

1. Be okay with failing

The cornerstone of success is never giving up. With that being said, young entrepreneurs need to learn that it’s okay to fail. In fact, it’s one of the greatest things that you’ll do in your career and life. Failing gives you so much wisdom- if anything, it teaches you what not to do. But in order to be successful, you have to be okay with failing. If something doesn’t work, you have to be dedicated to getting it right. Trail and error is sometimes the only way to do so. Plus, think about it. Do you really think that everyone who is successful gets it right on his or her first try? Nope. In fact, Michael Jordan himself was cut from his high school basketball team at one point. Now he’s considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Seriously.

2. Believe

It’s easy to believe in the things that you want to embody. The hard part is being able to believe in yourself, even when everyone else doubts you. Whatever product or service you’re offering, believe that it can make it. Nobody will buy into a scheme if the mastermind behind it doesn’t even believe in it. The power of believing can go a very long way, not only in being an entrepreneur but also in life. Believe that you can get it right. One day, you will.

3. Network

Being successful is becoming less and less about what you know and more and more about who you know. That’s a fact. Ask some of the most successful people in the game. You’ve got to be able to network in life. This means meeting new people, supporting others, interesting yourself in other people’s products, and so on. Being known as the person who listens and helps others is a great reputation to have. It’s still very, very important to know things too. Don’t think that you can just drop out and make it in this world because a college education can get you a very long way. But supplement your knowledge with other people who also have a unique set of qualities and some knowledge of their own. Multiple minds are better than one mind. Be willing to communicate with others and reach out.

All in all, I’m not saying that you’ll be an entrepreneur if you follow these tips. But you will start to think like one if you do. Take some initiative with your life! Who knows where it will take you?

Do you know any other lessons that can be taken from college entrepreneurs?

Featured photo credit: Lachlan via photopin cc