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Searching for anything sucks. Just ask Magellan who died before he even got to complete his voyage. At least searching for treasure usually involves a map. Searching for a job, however, is an odyssey not for the faint of heart.

The Experience Requirements for Entry-Level Jobs

You just dedicated four years of life and thousands of dollars to studying the theories behind your profession so you can put them into practice in an entry-level job. However, it’s not uncommon to find that even those jobs require a year or two of experience. It definitely seems unfair. You want to start your adulthood adventure, but you just need a Professor Oak to offer you a starter job. Be sure to have at least one internship under your belt. You can also gain some experience by volunteering.

Proving Diversity

I love seeing job postings that encourage women, minorities, veterans, and LGBT people to apply. Diversity is important. However, I’m still unclear on how I can prove I’m as gay as a post brunch Girls marathon. What in my cover letter can prove I’m LGBT if I’ve never actually done anything involving LGBT rights? I guess I’ll just have to start wearing rainbow cufflinks during interviews.

Other People

Amy Winehouse was more excited about going to rehab than I’ve ever been about attending networking events. I understand it’s important to make connections. I do. I feel like people can just smell the unemployment on you. Like you’re just begging to exchange business cards for an informational interview when you’re really only thinking about if you can afford another glass of wine if you get mozzarella sticks.

It never gets easier to say you’re unemployed when people ask what you do for a living. You just end up going on a Lorelai Gilmore styled rant on how you’re in between jobs but have some leads and are keeping your options open.

And once people hear that you’re job searching, they’ll keep asking you how it’s going. You’ll just have to keep repeating your rant over and over until you finally score your job. But once you do get a job, you can afford to cab away from them very quickly.

How do you deal with the job hunt?