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As much as you might be reluctant to admit it, I know you’re excited for Monsters University to open in theaters tonight. And if you aren’t excited, you really should be. Although it may seem like a movie targeted for children, Monsters University is promising to be a feel good, cheeky movie also geared for the enjoyment of college students. The production of this film has been so carefully done, making sure to portray an accurate depiction of what college life is really like. Still unsure? Here are three reasons you should definitely go see Monsters University tonight (with your friends, your mom, or the kids you babysit – who cares? Just go!)

1. Monsters University is about us!

monsters university audience

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Seriously…this just blew my mind. Monsters Inc. came to theaters in 2001 when we were all still in elementary school – some of us probably still eating glue and boogers. Now, 12 years later, Monsters University is finally coming out at a time when we are all in college (or just recently graduated.) All of the problems I’m sure Mike and Sully will face will be applicable to our lives. If that’s not convincing enough, I heard Sully has a mullet in the film, and I know we can ALL relate to bad hair days (or cuts in Sully’s case.)

2. Monsters University shows us what college is REALLY like

Monsters University GIF

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Monsters University is scarily similar to what college life is actually like. According to USA Today, “Scanlon and the Monsters team visited campuses to get a sense of student life, but they also studied the golden age of 1970s and ’80s fraternity comedies for inspiration.” USA Today also explains that Monsters University will be running with the theme “cool frat versus nerd frat” much like we’ve seen in many of our other favorite college life movies. “The rivalry between the RORs  and Mike and Sulley’s Oozma Kappa squad owes a lot to Revenge of the Nerds‘ Tri-Lambs vs. Alpha Betas and Animal House‘s Deltas vs. Omegas, but that’s just one tip of the hat to cinematic higher education.” Okay so there you have it- Monsters University will be similar to Animal House. Now you have no excuse not to see this movie.

3. Monsters University has been promoted so well

Monsters University Website

Have you seen the amount of promoting and planning that has been done for this movie? It has to be good. I mean, come on, there is even a fully functional MU website, with scholarship options, school apparel, financial aid advice and everything else a typical college’s website would have. Not to mention, a slew of commercials and advertisements that resemble real college recruitment ads! These ad campaigns are real enough to make me wish I went to MU (and if I did I would totally pledge Argma Slugma Argma.)

You’re not too cool for this movie, and anyone who’s anyone will be seeing it tonight!

Will you be going to see Monsters University this weekend?

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