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Time is limited. Some of us need to schedule “sleep” into our calendars and then fail to do it because we’re busy with homework. So being the ridiculous girl I am, I have come up with a few (arguably) brilliant ways to save time.

Curl (or straighten) your hair while making pasta.

This combination only works if you are making pasta, or any other kind of low-maintenance meal (read: anything that doesn’t require much stirring). Now I don’t suggest that you plug in your curler or straightener in the kitchen. Every five minutes or so, put down your heat device and stir the pasta. Return to the bathroom and resume fixing your hair.
Helpful Hint: Put the pasta in cold water instead of boiling water so that it doesn’t stick as much.

Have breakfast in the shower.

I actually know somebody who does this. It’s exactly what it sounds like. This tends to work with drinks in closed containers, but I have heard reports of having beer in the shower. Anyway, mix a protein shake and take a swig of it every time you rinse off the soap. Also, don’t have beer for breakfast. It will make your stomach hurt.

Get dressed while (half) sleeping.

You know those mornings where you literally roll out of bed, throw on yesterday’s jeans, and head out the door to class? Now you can rest in bed even longer! If you know you’re going to be sleeping until the last possible second, put tomorrow’s clothes next to your bed. (Unless they’re already there because the floor is your laundry hamper – pretty standard.) Get dressed in that half-dreaming state between being asleep and waking up. You might even have time to brush your teeth now!

Which would you do to save time?


Featured photo credit: phrenologist via photopin cc