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It’s that time of year again. Hardworking students (who followed these rules) are about to descend upon office spaces around the country in order to offer unpaid work in exchange for an extra line of ink on their résumé. The chosen few will be provided with free transportation and lunch. The majority, though, will not. We figure some of you may be desperate for some easily packable lunches. Because really, you can’t dash to Chipotle every day and pb&j can get tiresome after, say, three weeks (can you tell I am partial to the classic pair?), even with these absurdly brilliant hacks. 

You’ll probably have enough dirty work as it is, filing thousands of confidential papers and reformatting countless Excel spreadsheets. So, we handled your menu for the first half of this week. Simple lunches you can prep the night before, pop in the fridge, and victoriously unwrap at your desk the next day.

1. The Wrap Lunch

Avocado Caprese Wrap

This super simple wrap from InspiredRD adds avocado to one of our most favorite classic salads: the caprese (tomato, mozzarella, and basil goodness). The four simple ingredients–plus some olive oil, salt, and pepper for extra flavor–make for a perfect midday meal. Make this and you’ll be sure to roll up to work prepared. (Excuse the terribly lame, yet terribly necessary pun.)

2. The Snack Plate Lunch

Snack Plate Lunch

Sometimes we just don’t feel like a real meal. Sometimes snacks rule. But let’s try to avoid judgement from coworkers, shall we? Instead of popping Doritos and Twix all day long, let’s opt for some healthier snack plate options. This one from Word of Wisdom Living is chock full of cut fruits and vegetables, and nuts. We welcome you to add a few more substantive additions. Need ideas? Try adding sliced cheese, a cup of Greek yogurt on the side, or a bag of dry cereal mixed with nuts and dried fruit to sustain you a bit longer. Less (trips to the vending machine) is more.

3. The Hefty Salad 

Tuna Cannellini Bean Salad

Have no fear, this salad from Apples Under My Bed will hold you…until that 3pm slump that requires a caffeine fix, or three.With canned fish, pine nuts, and olive oil, this salad is full of healthy fats. Plus, its main ingredients come from cans (the tuna and the cannellini beans). You know what that means, right? Zero cooking, zero prep work. Basically,your toughest task for this recipe is locating the can opener in your kitchen drawer. Once you find that (or buy it because you realize you don’t own one and probably definitely should by now), you are home free. Pop this salad in a sealed container and try as best as you can to ignore coworkers’ wrinkled noses while you eat fish next to them. You win some, you lose some.

Intersperse these laid-back lunches with a couple of Seamless orders and you’re set for the week. No mess and no stress, except for that task list your boss just handed you…

What’s your favorite homemade desk lunch?

Featured photo via Thinkstock