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With exams and finals just around the corner, its easy to get burned out, and let the exhaustion you’ve been suppressing all term take over. Here are some easy ways for scheduling your week. Learning to organize your schedule will ensure that you leave for Christmas feeling good about all the exams you just wrote!

1. Have a master calendar.

If you have a million things going on at the same time, having a master calendar to keep track of it all is imperative. It’s generally easiest to use an online calendar, paper ones can get cumbersome to edit. My family prefers to use the calendar on Cozi – its really easy to keep the whole family’s schedule organized when we each have a color for events that involve the whole family (or you need a ride from, etc.) I really like Google Calendar for my personal things- its interface is incredibly user friendly and is synced with your Gmail account, letting you have all your information on one spot. I have a different ‘calendar’ for different activities which then show up in different colors. Adding in extracurriculars, events, tests, assignments and anything else you need to keep track of makes this a life saver! Both of these can be synced with your phone, and Cozi even sends you text message reminders of important events!

2. Have a monthly calendar.

In addition to my Google calendar, I have a monthly planner hanging on my wall in my apartment. Getting the dry-erase kind is most economical, so that you can just add the days of the month in yourself. I usually only put the most important things on here: assignments due, tests, major events, and upcoming performances. I find that this helps me make sure that I always keep the next week in mind, and never get surprised at how soon a test or assignment is due!

3. Have a Things-to-Do List.

This is to document the nitty gritty of every single thing you have to do. I tend to handwrite these so I can take them with me, making sure that if I have any spare time, I’m at least aware of what needs to be done! I split my lists according to courses I’m taking, dance specific things, and other (like paying a bill etc.) I like to write out the steps needed to achieve each thing: for example, if I have an exam to study for, instead of just writing “study for exam”, I write “review readings per lecture, review lecture notes, read texts, memorize important concepts”, obviously differentiating it per exam. This way, every time I accomplish a micro-step, I get to cross it off my list, which makes the success of completion feel much more tangible!

If you’re not quite as busy, maybe you only need the online calendar and a things to do list! Having all three can seem a bit much, but if you’re swamped in school work and extra curriculars, having all three will make scheduling so much easier.

Try adding a little positive message to your lists! Currently, my ‘Things-to-Do List’ is titled Everytime You Finish One Thing… Smile! I know, super lame, but hey it works!

Do you have any other helpful tips for scheduling your week during finals?

Image courtesy of Jon Curnow (CC by 2.0) via Flickr.