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You finally live in your own place with your own stuff. The problem is you don’t have much stuff and the stuff you do have doesn’t exactly scream sophistication. The good news for you is there are easy and affordable ways to use the stuff you have in ways that will give your place a “well put together” look. Here are three tips to help you decorate on a budget!

1. Use Odds and Ends

Mirror from a Junk Yard

Look around you place at all of the stuff you don’t use. Are there items like candle holders, mirrors and canisters that are tucked away or otherwise unused? These are perfect pieces that can be repurposed in creative ways to give your place a unique look. Group those little mirrors, pictures or wall decorations together as a sort of collage in the main room of your place. This can give that room a personal touch that pulls people in.

2. When in Doubt – Paint!

Paint Roller

Do you have “Plain Jane” black or brown picture frames all over the place? I constantly see these in my friends’ places. Instead of your place looking like every other college student’s space, try something creative like refinishing your picture frames. Remove the picture from the frame and sand the paint off. Choose paint colors that are bright and will offset neutrals throughout the space. Paint the frame using the color of your choice and wait for it to dry. Once dry, you can put it up as is or lightly sand the frame to give it a worn antique look.

3. Thrift Store and Garage Sale Treasures

Thrift Store Furniture

If you have to go out and purchase furniture or decorations, start at the local thrift stores and garage sales. What is one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Look for a couch that someone may be trying to get rid of for next to nothing. Even if it’s in bad condition, you can resurface the fabric for pretty cheap.

Use the stuff you already have in creative ways to create a living space that feels well put together. When you are low on cash you need to be creative and resourceful to make a house a home.


Featured image courtesy of karpacious via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).