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Holiday shopping is a new level of fun for me. Not only is everyone in a better mood because they’re about to have a two-week break from school, but it’s an excuse to shop like a maniac and be called a good person for doing so. Hello, did somebody call my name? In the midst of final papers, exams, and presentations, allow me to distract you with the three types of holiday shoppers that you’re about to run in to.

1. The Early Bird

adam levine

This champ has everything ready to go by the time Black Friday rolls around. Who cares about huge holiday discounts when you need to hip check somebody in line or stare at your computer for days on end to find the best deal? Besides, The Early Bird want to make sure that everything arrives in time for family gatherings. Yes, it’s better for The Early Bird to be safe instead of sorry. The Early Bird can be spotted in the malls for the rest of this week. After that, they can be found holed up in their homes with piles of gifts, already wrapped and ready to hand out.

2. The DIY Shopper

This crafty giver has already been working away at holiday gifts for all of their friends. Forget the mall – you will find these shoppers at fabric stores and craft shops. Once their finals are over, you better believe that they will be sitting at home, drowning in a pile of bits-and-pieces-of-stuff with a glue gun and some music to keep themselves going.

3. The Impulse Shopper


The Impulse Shopper is usually just a shopper. They spend a lot of time shopping ’til they drop, window shopping, or just roaming in an out of stores to kill time. Around holiday time, this person will be on one of their many mall expeditions and come across a number of items that would make a perfect gift for someone. Eventually, they will have a collection of gifts for people. The Impulse Shopper may often forget or purchase gifts that are less meaningful to people they are closest to, simply because some people are harder to shop for than others.

Oh, and don’t forget the last minute shopper, but we know all about that. Anyway, bundle up and buckle down! It’s finals time. Also, happy holidays?

What kind of holiday shopper are you?

Featured Image courtesy of Caden Crawford via Flickr (CC-BY-ND-2.0).