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3 Unique College Graduation Traditions

Brittany Dawson, the CampusRiot Campus Representative for the University of South Carolina, is a senior studying English at the University of South Carolina.

Graduation day is the best day ever. It’s basically a huge party to celebrate the end of school FOREVER (unless you decide to pursue graduate school of course). Sure, the thought of student loan debt may be looming over your head but for now, let’s focus on *~*~gRaDuAtIoN daY*~*~

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Between crying family members, graduation gowns with matching school colors and an overwhelming feeling of happiness, these ingredients are essential to an unforgettable graduation ceremony. Very soon you will embark on a journey towards self discovery; those sleepless nights in the library truly paid off graduate: congratulations!

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 As we all know, universities across America keep commencement ceremony traditions alive by continuing symbolic rituals of the past. Whether it involves singing the alma mater, wearing certain colors, or walking past a historical landmark on campus, commencement ceremonies further highlight how important these highly cherished traditions are to a university. Check out these unique graduation traditions!

1.  College of Charleston


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If you’re graduating from the College of Charleston, forget about wearing traditional graduation attire. Men wear white dinner jackets and ladies match with corresponding white dresses. Dapper (just make sure not to spill anything!!) Oh, I almost forgot, all black everything for December graduates—black dresses for women, black tuxedos for men.

 2. Yale

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This may surprise you but it is not uncommon for Yale graduates to blow bubbles during commencement. Seriously, bubbles! Yale graduates just wanna have fun.

3. Stanford

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Graduates present a “Stole of Gratitude” to show appreciation to a parent, family member, or mentor who significantly impacted their collegiate journey. “You get a stole, and you get a stole, YOU ALL GET A STOLE!”  How sweet!

What unique commencement tradition(s) does your university follow?

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