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St. Patrick’s Day is supposed to be an Irish holiday, but most college students just take it as an excuse to drink green beer. (Maybe that’s why some people think we should rename St. Paddy’s Day “D-bag Christmas” — yes, really.) That’s all well and good, and if your goal is to get totally wasted on food coloring and Keystone, then who are we to stop you? But we think you should keep it classy this year — supposing you’re of age, please drink responsibly! So we’ve rounded up 4 super simple drink recipes using Guinness stout that can easily be made in your dorm/apartment and not break the bank. Ditch the green beer (and stop pretending Irish car bombs are tasty because we all know they’re not) and whip up one (or all) of these Guinness cocktails!

Poor Man’s Black Velvet

This one is really easy – fill your glass halfway with dry hard cider, then slowly top it off with Guinness, pouring it over the back of a spoon (this way, the Guinness doesn’t mix with the cider, but rests on top instead.) The original “Black Velvet” is half champagne and half Guinness, but trust us on this one – the cider tastes much better. (via)

Trojan Horse

All you need for this drink is Coca Cola and Guinness. Fill your glass halfway with Guinness, and top off with Coke. Super simple, and super refreshing. Not to mention, totally dorm-room friendly. (via)

Caramel Guinness

This is made out of exactly what it sounds like – caramel liquor, and Guinness. Pour 1 and 1/2 ounces of caramel liquor into a glass, then top off with Guinness. Sweet and totally satisfying. (via)

Black & Brown

And to top everything off with one awesome shooter, the Black & Brown is the ultimate mix of Guinness and root beer. Again, totally dorm-room/apartment/college budget friendly – just fill your shot glass half way with Guinness, top off with root beer, and mix in. Could be made as a regular cocktail, too. Yum! (via) Other classic “Irish” (read: Americanized and not actually Irish…) drink recipes? Jager bombs, whiskey sours, and the ever-disgusting curdled Irish car bomb. Bonus: Here’s a totally badass photo of President Obama drinking Guinness. You’re welcome.

Obama Drinking Guinness(photo via)

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

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