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No one will know how awesome you are if you don’t effectively communicate it. When engaging in the job search, it is vital that you hone your communication skills. By adeptly communicating with potential employers during face-to-face meetings and setting up a web presence that speaks highly of you, you can effectively use your special gifts to your advantage.

1. Prepare Your Pitch

Instead of walking into job interviews ill-prepared to handle the questions that may be thrown at you, think carefully in advance about what you will say. While you don’t know what specific questions the hiring committee will pose, you can be fairly confident they’ll ask you for basic information about yourself, including your education history. Prepare to explain how you earned your credentials, be it through traditional means or by earning a degree online. Also, think back on your years in school and try to pick out a few particularly important events on which you can comment, showing how your education helped prepare you for the job you seek. To ensure preparedness, run through your pitch several times in front of a mirror so you can both critique yourself and develop a stronger familiarity with the message you’ll send.

Answering Routine Job Interview Questions - Part 4

2. Speak the Lingo Fluently

Particularly if you’re applying to a specialized field, it’s helpful if you’re adept at using industry-specific terms. By correctly using wording that professionals within the industry employ daily, you can demonstrate your preparedness to step into a position in that field, making yourself seem an obvious choice to fill any openings the employer may have available. Pulling out business jargon during the interview is a wise choice, as it makes it clear that this specialized vocabulary is a part of your lexicon.

3. Business Specific Social Media

While as a college student you likely used social media as a means by which to communicate with your friends. But you should begin using social media outlets specifically designed to help in the job search. If you haven’t had occasion to do so already, set up a LinkedIn account, creating a business-focused Web presence for yourself that employers can easily reference as they consider your suitability for the positions they have to offer.

4. Revamp Your Current Web Presence

Along with setting yourself up on websites where you don’t currently have a profile, revisit the ones you use regularly, such as Facebook and Twitter. Swap out your profile picture for one that’s entirely business appropriate. For your protection, delete anything from your account that you wouldn’t want an employer to see, or un-tag yourself from pictures that you can’t delete. If you can’t and won’t do this, take care to change your security settings so that only your direct friends can see your profile, ensuring that an employer who searches you can’t read your intended-for-friends-only information.

Communication is key in the job search as it’s only through effective communication that you can impart information about yourself as a candidate. Remember, when you’re looking for a job you are essentially selling yourself to the hiring committee. If you fail to use your communication skills effectively your job search will suffer.

Hang in there with the job search! How’s your online presence looking?


Image courtesy of James Cridland via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).