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Who needs alcohol when you have Twitter?

Wait, actually though. Some of the accounts that I follow are entertaining enough that I don’t need alcohol. Alternatively, somebody posted them while drunk, so the entertainment factor is still way up there. So if you need a break but can’t afford the hangover, you should be following these Twitter accounts.

1. @umsassy

Your daily dose of sass, delivered in 140 characters or less. If you’re like me and you think mean things but are too afraid to say them out loud (and definitely too scared to post them on Twitter), @umsassy is exactly what you need. It’s almost like having a sassy best friend who speaks your mind, but without real-life conversations, a face, or punctuation marks. That last one is usually a deal-breaker for me, but in this case, I’m willing to make an exception.

2. @CuteOverloads

This is my favorite of the “Cute ” accounts because the pictures are uploaded directly to Twitter instead of being passed through a third party service. This means that the previews show up on your feed and you don’t need to invest time into clicking links and returning back to your feed. Every time you scroll through your feed, it’s like a little surprise of cute! Isn’t that great?! Okay fine, I’m easily entertained, but just look at that dog’s face…

3. @ughposts

This is one of the more underrated sass accounts out there. I don’t know why. Yes, whoever is behind this account retweets from other sass accounts, but the original content is impressive. Teehee. Still no punctuation marks though.

4. @SurvivinCollege

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What’s your favorite Twitter account?

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