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Did you get a chance to check out CampusRiot’s interview with Jorge Schnura, co-founder of a brand new professional network, Tyba? In our interview with Jorge, we discussed the importance of personal branding, entrepreneurship, and really differentiating yourself in the job market. He gave us a little intro to his company, Tyba, which is a student- and grad-focused professional network that allows you to add some personality to your resume.

And guess what? Tyba launches today! And what’s even more special is that Tyba has done a special partnership with CampusRiot. All CampusRiot readers get a chance to register exclusively a week before the general public! Because you are a dedicated CampusRiot reader, you get a chance to make your own interactive resume before anyone else gets a chance to. That’s a pretty nice perk, just for coming back to CampusRiot, don’t you think?

But maybe this exclusive deal isn’t enough to entice you to make your own Tyba account. Well, I’m covering that for you: here are 3 reasons to check out and make an account with Tyba.

1. The Typical Resume is Dead – Time for an Interactive Upgrade!

From The New York Times:

Success is not determined by individuals’ internal sets of skills, motivations, and interests, but, rather, how effectively they are arranged, crystallized, and labeled.
– Anand Giridharadas, The New York Times

From The Wall Street Journal:

We are most interested in what people are like, what they are like to work with, how they think.
– Christina Cacioppo, Union Square Ventures via The Wall Street Journal

Unless you are a graphic design student or someone else looking to find a job in a creative field, you’re probably using a bland, boring, black & white resume to apply for all these internships and jobs. So I’m going to let you in on a secret: these stagnant resumes don’t work anymore. More and more we’re becoming paperless, and more and more recruiters are admitting that they look more for company culture fit as opposed to qualifications — this affords many students and recent grads an ability to get a little personal with their experiences online.

Tyba’s design allows you do create something personal, interactive, and representative — with a Tyba profile, you really do create a professional file of yourself. Check out some Tyba resumes below:

Tyba Profile

Tyba Profile

Tyba Profile


2. Tyba is Tailored to Students and Recent Grads

You may be asking yourself: why bother with Tyba when I already have a LinkedIn account? Well, one reason is the average user of LinkedIn is 45 years old. It isn’t exactly tailored to college students and recent grads unless you’re really proactive about it. Here are some features that are unique to Tyba users:

  • Fluid, clean showcase of your professional life, including all your experiences, studies, etc.
  • Feature on your personality, such as interests and unique accomplishments
  • Ability to display video, presentations, pictures, etc.
  • Customization through models and themes
  • Complete stats of visitors
  • Coming Soon: Job & Internship Search
What I really liked about Tyba while playing around with it was the interactive places map and video integration. If there is one negative to LinkedIn, it’s the fact that it literally looks like your resume, displayed online.

3. It’s Time to Claim Your Space on the Internet

How often have you already seen articles where job recruiters are screening individuals online now? Googling, social network searching, etc. It’s time to take control of your name and reputation online. Tyba is making it easy to get a URL (if you don’t already have one) and other easy features for the less tech-savvy individuals that can help you control your online and professional reputation.

4. It’s Exclusive and It’s Free!

Come on, it’s pretty cool that they are launching exclusively with CampusRiot until September 25th. You can’t register anywhere else, just click on our Tyba link to make yourself an account!

Plus, it’s free. As the college saying goes, the best things in life are free 🙂

Are you going to make yourself a Tyba account today?