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I write to you from my couch. It’s getting chilly outside, so I’m also under my blanket. (If you haven’t heard, I spend my weekends going from a horizontal position on my bed to a horizontal position on my couch. I’m really¬†cool.) So here. Here are the main reasons why I like to stay in my apartment on a weeknight / weekend.

1. Channing Tatum

Okay, I have never been the biggest fan of muscles. Truth is, they scare me sometimes. But when those muscles are on Channing Tatum’s arms in Step Up and he’s dancing like the hero of all swooning women everywhere, I’m more than okay with them. Look at him go. And before you ask, yes, I do watch this movie often.

2. Easy access to food and water. (..and beer)


The convenience of a full fridge is not to be questioned, young grasshopper.

3. The freedom to nap at will


Getting sleepy all of a sudden? Homework getting you down? Struggling to understand the basics of your new courses? No problem. Have a nap: whenever, wherever.

4. My books


I only use this in the plural because I have a grand total of two books in my so-called personal library. Cut me some slack – I barely have enough money to cover my utilities, groceries, and all that other stuff that I buy because I’m sometimes irresponsible with my money and…NOT THE POINT. The point is, I like to read, and I don’t mean textbooks. So when I get a break from course work, I end up reading the books that I want to read.

What do you do on weekends?