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Big flashing lights, loud dance music, and well known DJs are the allure of nightclubs. Getting dressed up and fist pumping are great ways to spend a Friday night. But going to clubs doesn’t come without some element of danger; if the term spiked drink is familiar to you then you already some have knowledge in the field of club safety. Follow these tips the next time you go clubbing to ensure that your night goes off without a hitch.

1. Use the Buddy System

I always thought the buddy system was that “dumb thing we did in 1st grade to not get lost,” but was I wrong. Nightclubs are a jungle full of alcohol and sleazy people, and knowing who you’re with is very important. These people are going to be the ones that are going to make sure you’re safe. Make sure your club clique is a good group of people.

2. Watch Your Drink

I think I’ve read enough horror stories of drinks getting spiked to scare me from ever wanting to order a drink from a club (when I’m of legal age, of course.)  Something as simple as covering the top of your drink with your hand is an effective way of keeping foreign substances out. If you ever do leave your drink unattended (which you shouldn’t) use your best Sherlock skills to notice anything off. Anything like discoloration, weird fizzing, or residue floating on top is a sure sign to dump the drink.

3.  Have a Meet-Up Spot

When I said clubs are a jungle, I actually meant they’re more like a large maze of people acting as roadblocks while you’re trying to find your friends. Establishing a meet-up spot is pivotal when it comes to finding one another. I can’t remember how many times someone would go to the bathroom, get a drink, or go dance, and afterwards none of us would be able to find each other.

4. Handle Thirsty Guys

This tip goes out to all the ladies who know exactly what a thirsty guy is. Typing thirsty into Urban Dictionary will you give the definition “too eager to get something; desperate.” The clubs are a bevy of thirsty guys waiting to dance on you. The first way to deal with them is simple enough; just gently push them away or walk away and they SHOULD get the hint. But some guys don’t give up, so when that happens, get one of your guy friends to pose as your boyfriend and that should scare them away. No guy friends? Grab one of your girlfriends and sashay away.

Going to clubs is really fun, but you also need to be careful. At the end of the day, it’s all about being safe, looking out for your friends, and having a good time!