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Navigating the job search process requires keen organizational skills. Particularly when you’ve just exited college and are preparing to wage your battle to begin job searching, your search will likely require a large amount of paperwork and digital application completion. Improve your chances by arming yourself with job-search-specific organizational skills. By doing so, you can retain your sanity while hunting for post-grad employment.

Bookmark Away

For most modern job searchers, scouring the newspaper want ads has been replaced with conducting regular online searches. If you’re using the Internet as a tool in your job search–and you should be–you can streamline your search efforts by bookmarking as you hunt the Web. Select your favorite job search sites and keep them bookmarked in your browser so you can visit them regularly. Make searching each site a daily habit, as new job postings pop up constantly.

Keep Editable Cover Letters Saved

You will likely not experience great results in your job hunt if you don’t use customized cover letters. To help yourself more rapidly create position-specific letters to place atop your application documents, keep a digital copy of your cover letter saved in an easily accessible place. When you find a new position to apply for, you can simply change a few specifics instead of having to retype all of the same information, like the fact that you’re seeking a job and went to school to earn an advanced business degree.

Save Numbers

As you start getting return calls on your applications, save the numbers from which each potential employer calls you in your cell phone. By doing so, you can allow yourself to better prepare for each call before you pick up, giving yourself a second to get into the mind set necessary to effectively talk to the potential employer before the conversation begins. In the job search process, each instance of communication will prove important, no matter how inconsequential it may seem.

Don’t Skip the Thank You

Follow up after the interview can be the difference between job acquisition success and failure. Instead of walking out of the job interview passively hoping for the best, stay organized and on top of the situation. Follow up the day after the interview by mailing out a letter in which you kindly thank the interviewers for their time. While following through with this simple correspondence will require a bit of organization and effort, it will likely set you apart from other job searchers as it will make you appear particularly well organized and prepared.

It’s easy to allow the mountain of resumes, cover letters and stamped envelopes to overtake you as you navigate the job search process, particularly when mounting a sizable campaign like the ones that new-to-the-job-market college grads traditionally undertake. Through the application of organizational skills you can make it easier to remain in control of the process and potentially improve your chances of making it through the job search unscathed.

How do you keep organized during your job search?
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Image courtesy of Wiertz Sebastien via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).