Let’s face it; not living on campus is like being excluded from an exclusive clique who always knows what’s going on and around the school. But what about the students who commute? How are they going to keep up with everything happening if they’re not there half the time? Well no fear, as a commuter myself I’m here to help anyone who wants to get involved on campus and the school. Here are 4 tips to make you feel like a part of the campus community:

1. Join clubs

I can’t stress this one enough! Joining clubs and doing sports are going to be the main gateway to everything else on campus. Not only are clubs/sports a piece of the campus community, but they are also an amazing way to make new friends. They’re always very welcoming to new students and the vast amounts of clubs to join and sports to play are endless.

2. Talk to the students

I know it can be scary being new to the campus, but remember, so is everyone else. Just start talking to the people in your classes; they might know something you don’t. Whether it’s where the big parties are this weekend or what clubs are currently accepting new members, the students are an unlimited source of knowledge — so use them!!!!

3. Go to the student center

The student center, a.k.a. the mecca of information, is where you’ll find everything you need to know, not only about clubs but also community service opportunities, job listings, etc. This is where you’ll see fliers upon fliers tacked up on bulletin boards literary, just asking you to join them.

4. Check the colleges website/portal

The main website or portal is where colleges make the big announcements that cast a huge net, which will pretty much get the attention of every student on campus. For example, my school is having a huge gathering on November 6th for all students to come and see who the next president is. Events like those are an amazing chance to get yourself out there.

Fair warning though, be aware of your time constraints. Join a club, do a sport, volunteer, and get a part time job if, and only if, you have the time. Make sure that none of these activities ever conflict with your school work which is obviously the most important part.

Do you have any other tips for commuters to get involved on campus?

Featured photo credit: Ayanami_No03 via photopin cc