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If I had a dollar for every morning that I hugged my (extremely comfortable and warm) blanket closer to me after turning off my alarm clock, I would have about $7000. For those of you who are too lazy to do the math, that’s just about every day of my life thus far. So here are some ways to make yourself get up and start your day.

1. Meat + stove =


You know those mornings when you turn off your alarm clock, get out of bed, use the washroom, then fall right back asleep? Wander you way into the kitchen. Put some bacon on the stove. I dare you to try and go back to sleep after that.

2. Pour water on yourself.


By that I mean take a shower. Nothing wakes you up like stepping into a cold shower – mainly because you weren’t patient enough to let the water warm up first. You could take a warm shower too, I suppose, but that would make me feel stupid for stepping into a cold one every freaking morning.

3. Literally roll out of bed.


I don’t know how to explain this one any better. Just roll. Keep rolling until you fall off of your bed. Don’t you dare continue sleeping on the floor.

4. Put this on your ceiling.


Now you can wake up every morning and have the universe laugh at you for being incapable of leaving your blanket behind. Congratulations, welcome to college.

How do you get out of bed on those tough days?

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