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All throughout college, my New Year’s resolution was always to stop procrastinating. But as we all know all too well, procrastination is a huge part of college life, and New Year’s resolutions almost always fail. If you promised yourself that you wouldn’t procrastinate anymore come 2014, you’re in the wrong place. Run, run away quickly before it’s too late! (Just kidding, please stay. You won’t regret it, I promise. It may be the dark side, but we have cookies. And Beyonce.) If you’re still home for winter break well then A) lucky you, because many people are already back at school and hard at work starting their spring internships, and B) you’re in for a treat. Thanks to these four websites, you’ll now have something to pass the time that doesn’t involve watching reruns on MTV.

What Rhymes With Hug Me?

What Rhymes With Hug Me

“Blurred Lines” was essentially the song of the summer in 2013 (tied with “Get Lucky,” “Best Song Ever,” and “We Can’t Stop” if you want to get technical, but I digress). All controversy aside, and whether you liked the song or not, this site is guaranteed to get a laugh out of you. Taking the catchy but not-so-eloquent chorus and parodying it, What Rhymes With Hug me explores exactly that — what does rhyme with hug me? The answers are hilarious.

Pls Pet Doge

Pls Pet Doge

If you don’t know who/what Doge is then we can’t be friends anymore.  Pls Pet Doge takes our favorite new meme and turns it into an interactive game where you can, of course, pet Doge. It’s funny when you pet him normally, but if you click on him furiously, he starts to get a little weirded out. Just look at that side-eye.

Please Help Me, Beyonce

Please Help Me Beyonce

If you’re feeling down, or sassy, or angry, or happy — whatever you’re feeling, there’s a Beyonce song for it. Please Help Me Beyonce allows you to answer two simple questions, and then the perfect Beyonce song for your mood will magically come to you in the form of a YouTube video. It’s pure genius, really.

New Yeezy Resolutions

New Yeezy Resolutions

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, who better to take life advice from in the new year than Yeezus, right? (Uh, no.) New Yeezy Resolutions takes all the inspiration of the 2014 and combines it with ridiculous Kanye West quotes, thus giving us the perfect new procrastination tool. But some of the quotes will make you go “WTF?”

There you have it folks! Hours of entertainment at your disposal. Or at least an hour, until you move on to the next thing. Or, you know, actually do your work.

What’s your favorite website for procrastinating?