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I think that what’s inside a desk drawer says a lot about someone’s personality. If someone opened up my desk drawer, they would probably think I’m a crazy person. It is a complete mess with no sort of adorable, plastic organizer. But it has all the things I’ll ever need right there, just an arm’s reach away, tangled headphones with Reese’s Pieces and all. My drawer may be a mess, but at least I know where to find certain things when I need them. I seem to need Advil more often than not. So, naturally, I turn to my loyal desk drawer. Also, if I’m having a bad day and need to get cheered up real quick, no worries. I got me some puppy pics in the desk for a quick pick-me up. Life isn’t too complicated for me.

Every student should have a go-to drawer filled with certain essentials for a quick reference when they need something ASAP. These things can be whatever matches your wants and needs, of course. Here is a list of things, some of which may or may not be in my own personal drawer, that I strongly believe are beneficial occupants of precious desk space. Every college student should have these desk drawer essentials.


(image via tumblr)

1. Bottle Opener.

2. Emergency chocolate.

3. Spare change (preferably quarters).

4. Lighter.

5. Chapstick.

6. Scotch Tape.

7. A piece of paper with all of your important information EVER on it (SS #, bank account info, etc.)

8. Nail clippers.

9. Headphones.

10. Backup Headphones.

11. Gameboy Color.

12. Flashlight.

13. Notes/Letters from friends and Grandma Jean.

14. Bridesmaids DVD.

15. Ballpoint Pens.

16. Sharpies.

17. Lion King VHS.

18. Fine-point Sharpies.

19. Emergen-C.

20. NyQuil.

21. Advil.

22. Condom(s).

23. AA Batteries.

24. A picture of a puppy.

25. Retired iPhone 4S.

26. Band-Aids.

27. iPhone-compatible USB Cord.

28. Playing cards.

29. Fake glasses.

30. White out.

31. A thimble.

32. Unfinished to do list.

33. Jury duty notice from 5 months ago.

34. Hand sanitizer.

35. Ramen Noodle packets.

36. Febreeze.

37. Scissors.

38. Chipotle giftcard.

39. Journal.

40. Disposable camera.

41. Oreos.

What’s in your desk drawer?

(featured image via tumblr)