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Sports movies are a category of inspiration all in their own. Being able to watch an athlete challenge themselves day after day to achieve a goal is incredible. Maybe I’m a bit odd, but when I need a burst of “YOU CAN DO IT”, I hit play on one of my favorite sports movies and by the end I’m jumping up and down in my running sneakers pretending to be Rocky. The drive may pass once the credits are over, but for a fleeting second I AM A FUTURE ATHLETE. Here are 5 of the best inspirational sports movies that really, really made me wish I was a spectacular athlete.

1. Blue Crush


I have to stop myself from watching Blue Crush too often because every time I do I find myself throwing bikinis in a carry on bag and booking a one way flight to Hawaii. In the opening credits alone Kate Bosworth is doing chin ups like some sort of Arnold Schwarzenegger offspring after completing a morning run on the beach. She’s poor and has to clean up someone else’s vomit for a living, but she is also a total surfer babe that gets to teach a pro football player how to surf (and of course he falls in love with her). I’m in.

2.  Bend It Like Beckham


I totally regret quitting little league soccer. First off, they all have fantastic abs in this movie. Second, she totally stood up to her family for what she believed in (being able to play soccer), and got to live her dream. The last time I “stood up for what I believed in” to my family, I was making an argument as to why talk radio sucks. Clearly, I need to sort out my priorities. Plus she falls in love with her hot coach.

P.S: The song at the end of the film is so inspirational. I’m not saying I dance around my room to it, but I’m also not saying I don’t dance around my room to it.

3. Miracle


This movie is one of the greatest movies on the planet because it is the only movie that not only makes me wish that I was athletic, but also makes me wish I was a boy. Specifically a boy with long hair that plays college hockey.

I’ll admit that my initial attraction to this movie was Jack O’Callahan’s precious face and long luscious locks. My parents basically dragged me to the movie theatre to see it, and I sat sulking through the previews as I stuffed my face with Snow Caps and a blue raspberry Icee.

Thirty minutes into the film I was gobsmacked. This team was so dedicated, so hardworking, and so hot. I mean, it is a true story so the part where Coach Herb made them do suicides for hours after a game kind of sucks, but hey they won in the end and that is what matters.

Miracle has an abundance of inspirational lines too such as “The name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the name on the back”. Sigh. So patriotic.

 4. Million Dollar Baby


Okay, so the end of this movie is a heartbreaker, but lets just concentrate on the good parts. She was laughed at, uneducated and poor, but lord was she determined. She put hours and hours in at the gym, and in the end it paid off. A lot of sports movies center around athletes that were born with natural God given talent, but this wasn’t isn’t quite as simple. It is the story of a fighter, literally and figuratively. Morgan Freeman also narrates this movie which makes it one big inspirational piece of literature.

5.  Invincible

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First Philadelphia graced the world with Rocky, and now Invincible has followed suit. Invincible tells the true tale of Vince Papale, a 30 year old bartender and substitute school teacher from South Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Eagles infamously held open tryouts after a terrible losing season, and Papale made the cut despite not having played college football (making him the oldest rookie in NFL history). The best part of the film? After he completes his first big play at the home stadium he stands and points to where his friends had season tickets and he once sat and watched the games. Epic. You’re never too old or too late to live your dream.


What are the best inspirational sports movies for you?