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Having a bad day? Not need to fret, these 6 GIFs will cheer you right up. Guaranteed! If your heart is not melted by these precious puppies, kittens, etc, I wish you the best, but perhaps you might need to find a heart that isn’t made out of stone. But anyways, whether everything is going right for you today or you need a little pick me up, these GIFs are the perfect remedy.

smiling bunny

Just look at this guy! He is so freakin’ happy he can’t even stop smiling! How can you not smile back 😀


And of course, here’s Michelle giving you some great advice to be worry free. Always the cutest toddler on TV.


Oh and this kitten can’t even handle the finger tickle across his belly

cute hedgehog

Hedgehogs are killer (cute, that is) and I’m sure you can’t get enough of this one while he plays peekaboo with the camera

baby and puppy

And last but not least, we cannot forget puppies and babies and the combination of the two which is just to die for

If you have not been convinced of cuteness then I don’t know what to do ! Sometimes you just need a little pick me up and I know for me cute things do the trick! Also sometimes seeing this might help remind you that your day is going a little better than someone else’s:

coffee window

oops sorry sir, maybe this is a caution for the wise (I’ve had my fair share of running into screen doors–I won’t deny it)

Has your day been brightened?

[all GIFS via giphy]