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Clarissa Davies is a sophomore Journalism and Media Communications major at CSU. She is currently planning world domination while trying to pass this math class, and forever wishing she was buried in a pile of warm, freshly laundered towels. On a good day, she looks like Jared Leto.

This post reflects the personal views of the writer, and is not intended to harm or offend. It is purely meant for entertainment.

Hello October, hello readers, hello parents, hello all. I apologize for the excessively lengthy title of this post. This week, I, Clarissa, will discuss the five types of people that you want to be friends with at CSU, or at any college really. I am a firm believer that you are who you surround yourself with. I am also a firm believer that every person that enters your life can teach you something if you allow it.  In college, you exist in a diverse metropolis in which every type of person thrives and can effect you in some way. You are not in high school anymore (or subjected to its preposterous hierarchy and social decrees), your mind is expanding and you are shaped everyday. You are a budding adult and capable individual – EMBRACE IT. That being said, I am going to tell you the best types of people that are in college, and WHY you should be their friend, and WHERE you can find these people.


The Five Different Types of People That You Want to be Friends With at CSU


1) The Brooder

Ah, the ones who haven’t showered in three days, dressed in plaid, huddled over a book in the corner of a coffee shop, nursing their Americanos. Or, the one brooding over a textbook for hours, internally questioning the theories that it argues. Watch out for this one – though quiet and not self-aware, they are aware of the world and will probably randomly impose upon you an enlightening phrase or morsel of wisdom that will change your life. These are the ones that think deeply before speaking, attend class only to ever speak out to question the professor, and who are in deep thought over the complex world we live in. These are the individuals who see the world for what it truly is, past the distractions, past the extravagance. You want to befriend this person because they are grounded, perplexing people who will change your opinions for the better, or at least give you a new, refreshing perspective. These are the realists, the non-conformists. We all want a dose of reality- these people are your cures.

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2) The Intellectual

Hidden deep into the unknown in the library is The Intellectual, who is very much like the brooder, but is more book-smart. He can recall minor past wars instantly, figure out a complicated math problem without a calculator, and seem to write lengthy essays with impossible ease. But, beneath their sometimes un-charming demeanor, they have big plans for world takeover. Because they have studied philosophers and methods of successful government, they see world takeover as extremely attainable. You want to be on their good side, for their mind is a separate entity in itself, and you will feel smarter when they are around. Be their friend because they will help you with assignments and figure out loop-holes to get you out of the stickiest of situations. The Intellectual- an evil mastermind waiting to happen and needing a friend just like you, if they don’t scare you off first.

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3) The Spirited

You know you have come across The Spirited when you hear, “I SAID I’M PROUD TO BE A CSU RAM!” and see someone clad in CSU garb, most likely with face paint and a permanent smile. Not only do they possess the utmost excitement and pride for their school, they are also those who have excitement for life. These are the huggers, the nicest, most welcoming ones. They are the sociable ones, the lively ones, and they will bring you happiness, I’m sure! Be their friend because you are promised an excellent time, laughs, and their school pride will rub off on you. This person offers a helping hand out of your stress and gloom (hi, sophomore slump) and they remind you of what’s really important in life- relationships with others. You’ll find this person at football and basketball games, surrounded by friends at parties, leading clubs or student government, or even involved in Greek Life.

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4) The Driven

These are the ones who have a passion to succeed and will do anything to succeed, including enduring stress-induced tears to complete an assignment a week before it’s due. They do not want to succumb to the college norm of procrastination. Chances are, if you make friends with these people, their enthusiasm for success and homework will rub off on you. They may not be as smart as The Intellectual, but their drive to be their personal best every day may be to their advantage. You will find The Driven concentrating on their laptop in obscure places over campus or locked away in their dorm room. Their success tools include obscene amounts of coffee, and having competitions with themselves to see if they can pass each class with flying colors. They don’t desire anyone’s praise except their own. You want to be friends with these people because you secretly desire their work ethic and are hoping they will share their secret to success with you (they probably won’t). Because they are more likely than others to achieve positions of power, they may even provide an “in” for you, proving the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know,” to be true. Never distracted, slightly crazed, always on top of everything, and undoubtedly a future president- these are The Driven.

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5) The Relaxed

Perhaps whose presence you enjoy the most, The Relaxed are here to have a good time, and are willing to sacrifice school for having a good time with friends or by themselves. They are those who seem to always have free time (even when you are sure that they have class), and encompass an air of mystery. You will find these people at parties, hanging out at someone else’s house except their own, sleeping, or unwinding at a local bar. Their mystery lies in their capability to pass each class and stay in school, and never seem even a bit stressed. They go with the flow, and whose company is always highly desired by others. They also remind you to take a breather because you deserve it (even when you don’t). Not to mention they are super friendly and get along with everyone who crosses their path. Carefree, casual and flexible, these are The Relaxed.

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It is worth it to know these people, and Colorado State University has all of these people and more.


 Who do you think the best types of people are at CSU?

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