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It’s been experienced by the best of us, the dreaded freshman fifteen! Some people through shear genetic luck seem to be able to hit the undo button on those pounds just as fast as they came. But others aren’t as fortunate. Not to worry though, as students of the 21st century we live in a world full of tech which gives us a lot more options that just doing crunches. There are plenty of techniques and gadgets that can help get your body into beach ready form just in time for that much deserved summer vacation. Check out these top 5 fitness gadgets and get fit the modern way!

1. The FitBit Ultra

top fitness gadgets

The Fit Bit Ultra is a powerful device in a light and discreet package. Much like other exercise gadgets, it can measure your daily activity such as how many steps you’ve taken, the distance those steps have taken you and the calories that got burned along the way. But the Fit Bit Ultra doesn’t stop there. With its built in Altimeter it can also measure your vertical climbs! When used in conjunction with its free iPhone or Android app, you also create a log of weight changes, workouts, calories consumed, heart rate, blood pressure and even your glucose level! Another pretty cool feature is that it can track your sleep patterns. Just take your Fit Bit Ultra and slip it on to the sleep wristband and take a snooze. As you rest it will log tons of stats about your sleep patterns like how you sleep and how long it took for you to fall asleep. The information is then transmitted wirelessly to your computer, where you can connect and share with friends or other health enthusiasts.

Price: $95 on Amazon (as of April 27, 2012)

2. Nike +FuelBand

top fitness gadgets

This slick little black band may look like something James Bond’s cool younger sibling might wear, but it’s so much more than just fashionable. It contains a built-in 3-axis accelerometer that measures your daily activity (i.e steps taken, calories burned, and how long it all took to finish) then conveys those stats back to you via a 20 color LED display in the hopes that tracking/seeing your progress will give you the extra boost you need to power on through. And with two lithium polymer batteries with enough juice to last up to four days, that’s all you’ll be doing. Connect it to the downloadable Nike+ Connect software via your computer to modify your settings and set daily goals. Or to make things more interesting, you can use it’s Bluetooth feature connect to the Nike+ Fuelband app for the iPhone to chart your progress on the go and share your accomplishments with the world for bragging rights! to show your friends how well you’re doing. It also tells the time. Just in case none of that other stuff did anything for you.

Price: $149 at Nike Store

3. Gym-Pact

top fitness gadgets

Set the amount of days a week that you want to work out. Next, choose how much money (a minimum of $5) you’ll be penalized if you don’t get of your couch and actually go. Then on each of you gym days, check in via the mobile app. It’s that simple. The downside is that every missed gym day equals missed dollars. The upside though for those dedicated enough to make it to their respective gym appointments is that the total amount of those that lost their money gets distributed amongst them. Talk about positive reinforcement!

This in my opinion is a little extreme, but “stick and carrot” tactics tend to work for people. It works even more so when know your rent check or food budget is on the line.

Price: Nothing if you actually go to the gym!

4. Withings Body Scale

top fitness gadgets

This is probably one of the most intelligent scales that you’ll ever use. Upon stepping on the Withings Body Scale you’ll receive WAY more data about your body other than you’re used to. It not only displays your weight; it displays your Fat mass, Muscle mass and BMI. That data is then collected to be synced wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet through its mobile application or to your Withings account profile on its website for a more in-depth review. It’s a detailed way of monitoring all of the weight variations that can occur over time and honing in on what really works best for your specific health plan.

Price: $159 on Amazon (As of April 27, 2012)


top fitness gadgets

A great nutritional tool for taking a deep look at what you’re looking to eat. helps you reinvent your grocery list to make it healthier. Once you sign up online it will start you down the path to smarter food choices. It assigns a point score to its growing database of over 400,000 foods based on your unique needs that you can personalize in your profile. The food’s score itself is uniquely assigned to you and is determined by your age, medical condition (if any), gender and personal preferences. This is where Shopwell truly shines. You can input any of the foods that you would like to eat and it will create a detailed list of that food complete with ingredients and nutrition facts! Moreover, it can provide a list of healthier alternatives to those foods. This is an extremely easy and intuitive online tool to help supplement all that hard work you’re been doing with more nutritional meal options

All in all, these gadgets are no replacement for a healthy food regimen and exercise. But they certain do help make a difference. And when used all together it can create a solid foundation for healthier and more energetic you!

Price: Free — you just have to sign up!


What is your opinion on our top 5 fitness gadgets for college students? Any other cool gadgets you want to feature? Let us know in the comments below!