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As much as I love going to school in the west coast, it’s a pain having to buy expensive plane tickets to fly back to the east coast (where I live). Which is why I made the conscious decision to stay at school during spring break. For those of you who don’t have stacks of cash saved up or rich parents to give you money, try these ideas for how to spend your spring break.

1. Play Tourist

It may sound really cheesy at first, but playing tourist in your college city can actually be really fun. Because I go to school in San Francisco, I am fortunate to have a lot of exploring to do, but you don’t need to be in San Francisco to be able to explore. Every city or town has AT LEAST a few things to do or see. You’re guaranteed at least 1 sunny day during spring break, so grab a couple of your friends and go out. The best part about playing tourist: it’s free of charge!

2. Take A Day Trip

If where your college is truly boring then take a day trip to the nearest place you think is fun. We all have days where we’re just good with anything and everything. Whenever I do day trips I like to go somewhere peaceful like the beach or somewhere secluded to just have a “me day” — maybe a nearby park, for example.

3. Look For Events Happening Around You

Just because the students are away doesn’t mean the school or the city is dead. See if your school is doing anything for students who are staying, or Google what’s happening around you during the week. You’re likely to find inexpensive things to do or hidden treasures that you never knew existed.

4. Befriend New People

It’s likely that some, most, or all your friends are going back home, to the Bahamas, or some other cliché vacation spot for spring break, leaving you to fend for yourself. Don’t forget you’re not the only one! This is a great opportunity to talk to new people without having to worry about the social aspects of different friend groups.

5. Catch Up on Your Favorite Shows

Perfect for advanced-level coach potatoes. You don’t need to meet anyone new as long as you have your best friends; Ben, Jerry, and Netflix by your side. No one will judge you if tell you people your plans for spring break are to stay in and catch up on your shows. And for anyone who’s looking to watch something new, let me recommend Ja’ime: Private School Girl, Sherlock, and Parks & Recreation. There you go, three shows for you to get you started on!

You don’t need to have tons of money and a ticket to Cancun to have fun on spring break. It’s all about how you make of it. Just do you, be safe, and have fun!

Where are you spending spring break?