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Mary Dishigrikyan is a fourth-year Psychology and English student at UCLA. She is a logophile with a passion for puns and Disneyland.  

College is the perfect vehicle for you to both make a bunch of new friends and retain some of your already existing friendships. Through college, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with certain types of friends that we’re all familiar with. Here are some of the types of friends that as college students, we know and (hopefully) love:

Your Social Media Friend

On Phone

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You’ve only met him or her once, and it was probably at a party hosted by a common friend, but it only took that one occasion for you guys to add each other on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and maybe Tumblr, too. Now every time you guys pop up on each other’s news feeds, you both feel obligated to like what the other posts. No, you don’t actually care about that #tbt photo they posted of their family in Hawaii. Yes, you did manage to get yourself into a trap you can’t escape.

The Partier

Drunk Kristen Wiig
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 It’s always this person’s idea to have a last-minute kickback at someone’s house, just like it’s always this person’s idea to have as much alcohol at the kickback as possible. Going to a tailgate? They’ll supply the Ping-Pong balls and red solo cups.  Leaving a party early? They’ll catch a ride with someone else, or probably just crash at the host’s house. This is the person who manages to get themselves invited to frat parties, weekly. This is also the person who will probably go to each and every one of said frat parties.

The Busy Bee


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The busy bee is responsible for studying straight from their textbooks on a biweekly basis…while they use weight machines at the on-campus gym, because the busy bee is not one to waste time if they can just multi-task. This person is always concerned about befriending professors, not to suck up, but to get the best possible recommendation letters for graduate school. Speaking of graduate school, this is the person who spends weekday nights perfecting and completing applications for masters programs. It’s also highly likely that this person will have an on-campus job so that when they’re not in class, studying, or concerning themselves over their future, they’re polishing their customer service skills.


 The Childhood Friend that you can go without seeing for months

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This is a friend that’s a staple in so many people’s lives. It’s the friend that you can text out of the blue for the first time in two months and who will reply within minutes, as if no time has elapsed at all since you last communicated. It’s the “listener” – the person you can talk to when you have a lot on your plate and just need to get everything out there, and he or she won’t judge you for any of it, because they’ve known you for soooo long. Having random food cravings? This is the person you can call terribly last minute to fulfill that craving through a half-hour stint at the cheapest sushi bar in town. Basically, it’s the person you’re always comfortable around, no matter the context.



Goofy Faces
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You may or may not have met this person while in college, but the fact still remains that this is your favorite person ever. You send this person paragraphs for texts when you’re feeling down, and they’re the first person you celebrate with when you get your grades back and they end up being spectacular. You feel comfortable talking with this person about anything, and they’re the person you can depend on to go shopping with because they will honestly tell you all the things you don’t wanna hear about your fashion sense. If you have Snapchat, then you guys probably have a collection of all the ugly faces you’ve sent to each other. The fact also remains that this person can totally be your sibling, your significant other, or even a parent! Your BFFL is the person you’ll never tire of, even if the hours you spend with them in a week  surmount the hours of sleep you get in a week.

What Kinds of Friends Have You Made in College?