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Chynna Mela is a senior journalism student at Temple University and an SC Campus Representative. She can usually be found planning her fall wedding to Harry Styles, attempting to become the female version of Perez Hilton, or eating peanut butter straight from the jar. See more posts from her here.

The quick turnover from being the oldest, coolest and wisest group of students in high school to being the baby-faced college freshmen without a clue is a tricky one to handle. You have gone from knowing your hallways inside and out, slacking off for a year, knowing which teachers are softies and which mean business, and just ruling the school in general to starting from the bottom again. Entering college is like moving to a whole new world, and no movie, story, or advice from an older sibling will really prepare you for what is in store. Because of this, you are going to make a bunch of silly mistakes when you enter school. First off, just let it happen. If you come to college being cocky and pretend you are super cool the upperclassmen will just be annoyed with you. If you admit you don’t have a clue and accept that 75% of what you do will be uncool the upperclassmen will think you are cute. After all, they’ve been there. You are going to make mistakes. Your swag from high school has been left behind. Just accept it. However, I am feeling quite generous today, and I’ve graciously listed a few mistakes that can be avoided. Go through, read them, turn red because you have a feeling you would have committed the crime (or already did), and then go ahead and do exactly what I am telling you not to do. These 5 things may be seriously uncool, but we really love you for it.

1. Inappropriate Wearing of Your College T-Shirt

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I understand that the second you received your acceptance letter your parents gifted you with more swag with your college emblem printed on it than you thought possible.  They bought every college trashcan, flag, sweatshirt, t-shirt, blanket, keychain and little teddy bears with their own t-shirt the online store had in stock. However, just because you have all of this does not mean you need to bring it all with you. Leave a few items at home. The t-shirt is okay to bring, but wear it wisely. Unwise times to wear it include move in day (my mom wore a Proud Temple Mom shirt I promise you someone will wear a college shirt for you) and the first day of classes. It really is adorable that you LOVE your school that much, but just…try and blend in a little. You won’t, but try anyway.

2. Lanyards

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Just don’t. I’m not sure why it is so very cool to walk around with a lanyard dangling with keys around your neck in high school (you have one front door and one car door please explain the 37 keys you have), and so very UNCOOL to wear that lanyard around at college, but it is. Especially if you have a little Vera Bradley wallet attached to the bottom with your cards in it. First off, that must weigh over 10lb and your neck must be killing you. Second, the jingling noise it makes every time you walk and it bounces off of your stomach is driving me insane. Bring your ONE dorm room key and that is it.

3. Freshman 15

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Yeah, this is a mistake, and yes, we really, really, really love you for it. Why? Freshman come to college with their still-toned-from-highschool- sports bodies. You haven’t experienced the consequences of late night munching and the bloating of college level drinking. You are used to healthy home cooked meals.  So when you prance around campus in your summer shorts the first few months of school you look way better than we do and we hate you for it. We packed on those 15, and so should you. It’s basically a right of passage.

4. Violating the Dress “Code”

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There is a very happy medium that you must find when dressing for class. I understand that you came from a school that required uniforms and after four years of looking like a nun you are completely ready to EXPRESS YOURSELF. However, there is a fine line between homeless and comfortable, and chic and ready for the club. Don’t cross that line. I don’t care if you have an 8AM it still isn’t okay to wear pajamas to class. I promise that taking off your pajama pants and throwing on a pair of yoga pants won’t kill you. Next, it is totally okay if you are a little fashionista and you want to rock it in class. Go for it. However, if I hear your heels clicking as you walk through the door and you are wearing a short, tight, black, banded skirt I probably already hate you and so do your feet.

5. PDA

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It really is free comedy for us so by all means continue. Actually, let me clarify. PDA with your boyfriend outside of your classroom isn’t cute or funny it is extremely annoying because you have managed to find a boy within your first month on campus and I’ve been here for five years. Just stop rubbing it in. However, you desperately making out in a slightly drunken state on Friday night is funny to us.

Chances are you’re going to making 100 more mistakes than the above list in your four (or more) years as a college student. Some are going to be funny, some will be mortifying, and some will be a bit serious. However, keep in mind that college is your opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Tell them, Brit Brit.

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 What freshman mistakes did you make?

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