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Where are the worst places to fall asleep? The tumblr website, Asians Sleeping in the Library, inspired this post. If there is anything that is a given for the typical college student experience, it is lack of sleep. Late nights, procrastination, partying–you can’t help dozing off in the middle of the day sometimes. But it’s the consequences that follow that can lead to embarrassing or frantic situations.

Here are what I believe to be the top 5 worse places to fall asleep:

Worst Place to Fall Asleep #5: At the Library

Not so horrendous, as everyone does it. The bad part is when someone you know happens to have a camera (or, as unfortunately convenient it tends to be, his/her smartphone) decides to take a snapshot of your drooling face and post it on the internet for everyone to see. That’s when it sucks.

Worst Place to Fall Asleep #4: At Work

Dude, you’re gonna get fired if you get caught snoozing away at work. Even if you have a work study job at the library.

Worst Places to Fall Asleep #3: In Recitation/Seminar/Lab

It’s not usually a problem if you are in a big lecture hall, quietly snoozing away. Depending on how grumpy the professor is, he/she will likely not be bothered with embarrassing you. But if you are in a small class, where the person who is actually grading you (the TA) catches you sleeping, it’s not gonna be good. You might as well not have gone to the class at all. Seriously.

Worst Places to Fall Asleep #2: On the Bus/Subway

This is a personal nightmare of mine: waking up on the bus and having absolutely no clue as to where I am. It’s a nightmare. Especially if you were taking the morning route to get to class. You guarantee being late and lost.

Worst Places to Fall Asleep #1:  At a Party

Think back to your first sleepovers. All your friends were afraid to fall asleep because they did not know what they were going to look like when they woke up. Same concept here. You can guarantee that your drunken/passed out face will make it on facebook the next day. You are at the mercy of some drunk and evil friends to decide whether or not to leave you unscathed. And according to Fail Blog, if you have shoes on, your luck has run out (I don’t even know. You’re gonna have to check out that website to understand).

Photo courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr (licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0).

Wheres the worst place you’ve ever fallen asleep in College? Post comments below!