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Orientation week may seem silly and unnecessary to some people because you feel like now that you’re in college, you shouldn’t be required to go to anything and you’re just going to play ice breaker games and you already know how to get around campus.

  1. Just because you know where certain buildings are on campus doesn’t mean you know where each of your classes are, how far apart they are, and exactly how to get to them. Your orientation leader will give you a tour and tell you faster ways to get to places, the short cuts, the ways not to go, and the best places to hang out, do work, etc.
  2. You will meet lots of different people. If your orientation groups are random, you will meet people that you would never meet otherwise. It will be a great way to expand your horizons and see what different kinds of people go to school with you.
  3. Your orientation leader will be older and give you great tips. Whether they are in a fraternity or sorority, involved in a lot of different clubs, or just know what’s up, they will help you get into parties, tell you where to go and not to go, and also just give you tips to get the most out of your experience at school in your four years there.
  4. You’ll probably learn answers to questions you didn’t even think of. You may think you know everything about your school or you’ll do just fine transitioning, but it’s important to get the inside scoop from someone who’s already been there for at least a year. Also, hearing other people’s questions will answer some that you didn’t even think of the first place, but that you’re glad you know about now!
  5. It’ll help ease the transition. College is such a different experience from anything you’ve ever done before. Participating in the freshman orientation will help you find your way because you will realize that everyone is in the same boat, but people are here to help. You’ll get answers to questions, you’ll start to understand what the culture of your school is like, and it will break the ice for future interactions.

Will you attend your school’s orientation week?

feature image via The University of Queensland