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Part of being in college means meeting new people. Over the course of your four years (or longer) in college, you’re going to meet so many new people- some you’ll like a lot, some you won’t like, a couple that might break your heart, and one that might prove to be the person that you fall in love with. It’s inevitable. Love is something that we unfortunately have to experience multiple times in order for us to learn how to get it right. Through that, we have these undeniable truths that come with relationships.

1. Acceptance, Honesty, Commitment

This is something that love requires, in my opinion. If you’re going to love someone and be in a relationship with him or her, you have to learn how to accept him or her as the person that they are and that they want to be. If you love them, chances are you already do that. We have to be honest with each other, even if you think it’s going to hurt. And you have to be committed to the relationship. If it isn’t any of these three things, it’s not love at all.

2. Love yourself

This one is so important to me. If you don’t know how to love yourself, how are you going to love other people? How are you going to create that connection if you can’t with yourself? It’s a serious question that not a lot of people take the time to find the answer to before they jump into a relationship. If you can’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love other people. Take some time to get to know yourself. Be your own close friend and figure out the things that you genuinely enjoy and those that you don’t.

3. Forget about what other people think

Who cares that other people think about you and your significant other? It’s not any of their business. In order to have a healthy relationship, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices in life. One sacrifice that I’m willing to take is being able to just be who I am with the person that I love, even if it seems weird to my friends. You have to remember that you’re in the relationship, not them. They don’t know exactly what you feel, only you and (possibly) your significant other do.

4. Forgive

This might be the one thing that is contested from my list. Some people believe that forgiving other people isn’t always a good thing. I would agree, to an extent. I think that you can forgive someone for your own peace of mind. I don’t think forgiving people all the time for any mistakes that they make is beneficial because you’re telling your significant other that they whatever they did wasn’t that big of a deal to you, even though it may be. Forgiving means you’re at peace with yourself and with whatever happened; that you’re ready to move forward with your life and learn from the experience.

5. Love unconditionally

When you’re in a relationship and you love the other person, you have to love unconditionally. This means that you can’t love people with conditions in your relationships. There can’t be agreements that you have to come to in order to be together. There aren’t any limitations in the relationship. If you know that you’re historically a jealous person, it’s a good idea to be honest and up front with your significant other (after some time of being together) and then you should want to get better with it. You should want to learn how to not get jealous. No limits on a relationship means that you’re signaling trust, dedication, and the ability to be comfortable with each other. All of which are important!

What are some things that you would add to this list of relationship truths? 

Featured photo credit: Darwin Bell via photopin cc