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My friends have discussed that as we embark further into our twenties we feel less like young adults and more like our grandparents. I understand that it sounds crazy but I’m sure there are a majority of college students out there who are experiencing the same early onset of old age. Science cannot explain why this happens or why the early onset of old age is on the rise. The only thing that can be determined is the following five signs are present in every case.

1. Anyone younger than you is categorized as being a “youth”


You may only be in college but whenever you see teenagers out on the street or crowding the walkway in the mall you get exasperated. You have also started to say things to these hooligans like, “I remember what it was like at your age,” or “stay young as long as you can!” You may only be a few years older but all of a sudden it seems like there is a huge age gap between yourself and all of these youths running around. The youths are taking over everything and they have no respect for their elders!

2. You feel too old for this, whatever “this” may be


Every activity seems to require a burst of energy you no longer possess. You are too old to continue in the same fashion as the rest of the youths that carry on during all hours of the day and night. Any request that is made of you is answered with a, “I am simply too old for this.” Most likely, youths will try to convince you that is not true but the early onset of old age is already starting to take over.

3. Sleep is above everything else


Nothing seems to matter as much to you as sleep does.¬†Sleep is the key to everything. Ate too much? Sleep. Drank too much? Sleep. Sleep too much? Sleep some more. You begin to get cranky when you are not in bed by 10 and if anyone dares to wake you up they will feel your wrath. People don’t seem to understand that without your beauty rest the progression of old age will only become more severe. Gone are the long nights of debauchery. Time for bed and the sooner the better.

4. You delight at the news of cancelled plans


Cancelled plans bring a rush of instant relief. You no longer have to venture out into the world to deal with youths and you don’t have to keep explaining to people that you are too old to be doing the same activities of yesteryear. Why go out into the busy world when you can sit right down and take another nap? Call up relatives and keep them on the phone for hours to ask about their lives. They are your ticket to the outside world.

5. Moving Hurts


Everything hurts now. There once was a time when you were flexible and had endurance. Now? Well, these days, things crack and pop that shouldn’t be cracking or popping. Don’t worry about going to the gym. Sure it would help strengthen those muscles but what if you fall down? You are fragile and can’t afford to take a bad fall.

Do you have any of these symptoms? 

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