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The millennial generation certainly consumes social media, but sometimes they aren’t consuming the right kinds. Here are 5 social networks that you should be using, so get going!

1. Google+

5 Social Media Sites College Students Should Use

According to various infographics, Google+ has it’s biggest audience in the 25-34 demographic, which means the people that are probably hiring college students. Though slightly tricky to get the hang of, Google+ is extremely important for anyone attempting to become an online writer. Through Google Authorship, you can have your face next to an article you post. While this is cool in itself for the “sort of not really celebrity” it will make you feel like, it also helps the article your face is attached to (or biting depending on your side profile) perform better on a Google search.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn What Is LinkedIn Screenshot

This one is sort of a no-brainer, but LinkedIn can really help your job search. Not only is it literally a site dedicated to networking and reconnecting with contacts who can help you on a professional level, it is essentially a steroid induced digital résumé as well. Where a typical résumé is limited to one page, your LinkedIn can showcase projects you have worked on, publications you are featured in, and most importantly, recommendations and endorsements. Forget having them ‘available upon request,’ all a prospective employer needs to do is scroll down to see testimonies from your prior employers (or professors) as well as what skills others think you are most strong in.


Klout Influence Your World Screenshot

 Nobody cares if you are Facebook famous. Actually, that is kind of the point of KLOUT. Klout is a social media aggreagtor that links to pretty much any social media site you can think of (even if you were wondering) to see how influential you are. It takes followers and interactions into accounts and then it will even offer you free stuff depending on how high your score is!

4. Vizify

Vizify Home Page Screenshot

This one you probably haven’t heard of, but if you are looking for a future job in anything in the graphic or media fields, it may be of very good use to you. What Vizify does is help create a digital flipbook of the kind of person you are.  The site is extremely customizable and can feature photos, quotes, job history, and other information that it will retrieve from your synced social media profiles. Don’t worry if you tweet too much about cats — you can edit the data.

5. Pressfolios

Pressfolios Online Portfolio Screenshot

This is one really geared towards journalists, but if you are any kind of media, production, or writing field, it is definitely worth checking out! You have to wait for an invite before you can use the site, but after that you can start storing all your articles and clips to showcase to the world!

What other social media sites should students be using?

Featured photo credit: OndraSoukup via photopin cc