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We all know what it feels like to eat one too many slices of pizza, two too many brownies, three too many mac and cheese packets — the list goes on (#sorrynotsorry). Today we’re giving you reason to feel way less guilty about those late night slip ups, though. Ever heard of the website This Is Why You’re Fat? We’re taking inspiration from them and bringing you some seriously splurge-worthy meals. We scoured the internet and came across some eats that are helping us feel a bit (ok, a lot) better about the Domino’s run we did last night. Let’s just say we are simultaneously impressed by and worried about the humans that thought up these food combos.

Mac and Cheese Pizza

mac and cheese pizza

(Image Via Pizzanista)

This specialty pizza hails from Pizzanista in Los Angeles, California. Macaroni on pizza seems like the logical marriage of two of our Italian food faves, right? Right. It also brings to mind the following phrase: carbs on carbs on carbs.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Cookie Cake

reeses cake

(Image via Buzzfeed)

This is a cookie the size of a cake that has candy on top of it. We’re not quite sure what more there is to say about this.

Birthday Cake Cream Cheese

bday cake cream cheese(Image Via Infatuation)

If you don’t follow Infatuation on Instagram yet, you’re missing out big time. This is just one example of the daily splurges they publish. Birthday cake-flavored cream cheese? Sprinkles on bagels? We. Are. There.

Shake Shack’s 10th Anniversary Burger

shake shack(Image Via Infatuation)

Shake Shack turned ten this year. How’d they celebrate? Obviously by creating a burger topped with gruyere, bacon, celery relish, bibb lettuce, truffle mayo, and shaved black truffle. Can we get a #yum? 

Black & White Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

black and white sandwich(Image Via Infatuation)

Black and white cookies are legit, but when they sandwich a scoop of ice cream that’s been rolled in peanuts, they’re way, way more legit. We dare you to disagree. 

What’s your ultimate splurge meal?