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Hey interwebz, I’m going to tell you a story about one of the biggest struggles that I’ve faced thus far.

A dream, like passion and true love, is hard to find. We seem to have it all figured out when we’re kids – I was going to be a firefighter, teacher, and a doctor. Simultaneously. Then I grew up and realized that it wasn’t feasible. Also, I can’t do science. I just can’t. But when you find your dream, you had better follow it. You, the people around you, and arguably the world will be better for it. Why? Well presumably your dream makes you happy, and happy people make more happy people. (It’s true, you can Google it.)

The first step to following your dream is to figure out what you dream of.

I don’t mean the types of dreams that you get when you’re sleeping, otherwise my goal in life would be to become the hamster version of Godzilla (er, that’s another story). I mean the types of dreams that you have when you’re awake. What do you want to accomplish in this world? What do you love to do? What would you love doing for the rest of your life? Obviously these are difficult questions to answer, but without questions, you get no answers. Get curious about yourself.

Then figure out what is holding you back.

Don’t freak out. Making a list of what’s holding you back from your dream is like telling yourself that you can’t do it. Just remember that this is simply a list of things to overcome – and you will overcome these obstacles. Believe me, dreams are worth fighting for and they rarely come without sacrifices. Also, if your dream is to be rich, you need to think very hard about this. How do you want to get rich? Besides, money creates at least as many problems as it solves, and money alone won’t make you happy. Humans just aren’t wired that way.

Find ways to overcome these obstacles.

Don’t let a single thing hold you back. Do you need more – or different kinds of – education? Do you need funding? Maybe all you need is to hear a friend say that you can do this. A little moral support can go a long way. Whatever is keeping you from your dream is something that you need to handle. Some search-and-destroy ish up in hurr.

Live the dream.

You earned it.

Pass it on.

Dreams are precious, and over the years I have seen more and more of my friends giving up their dreams for what they think they’re “supposed to be doing”, whatever that means to them. Don’t let dreams die. They’re hard enough to come by.


Image courtesy of maria alejandra<3 via Flickr (CC-BY-2.0).