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Summer is a time of relaxation. You arrive home from college and expect to do sweet nothing all day long. In fact, the only form of exercise you are planning to attempt is the walk from the couch to the kitchen. A few days of this is necessary in order to recover from finals but it doesn’t take long for your parents to urge you to leave the house and participate in life with the rest of the world. Yes, it is time to get a summer job. Summer jobs can range from delightful to downright tedious but over the course of your four years at college there is a strong chance that you have had one of these five jobs or have had all five of them at some point.

1. Camp Counselor

Hocus Pocus

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I have many fond memories of attending camp over the years as a child, but the experience is completely different from the perspective of the counselor. I’m not saying that being a counselor is not enjoyable but it is hard work. I salute anyone I know that tells me they are spending the summer working at camp. Getting your cabin to show up on time and ready to events is like herding kittens and by the end of the day you are so exhausted you wish that the children in your cabin would stop talking about boys and just go to sleep. You are your cabin’s mom, friend, disciplinarian and trusted advisor on all things to do with camp.

2. Lifeguard

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Most of my summers have been spent by the side of a pool and on the look out for distressed swimmers. If I had a dollar for every time I had to yell, “NO RUNNING,” I would be filthy rich or at least rich enough where I didn’t have to work a summer job. Most people assume that being a lifeguard is the easiest job in the world but it is actually incredibly stressful. You are being entrusted with people’s lives! It doesn’t help that children pay no attention to the rules and try out dangerous flips into the pool, run on the pool deck and hold their breath underwater for so long that you are convinced you need to jump in and save them. It is also torture to sit in the hot sun and watch everyone else enjoy the water but you.

3. Retail

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If you are not outside in the blazing heat of summer then you most likely have a job working in retail at the mall where it is nice and air conditioned. However air conditioning is where the delight ends. Working in retail means dealing with people all day long. People who blame you for their size running out, they blame you for prices being too high and for lines being too long. There is also always a mountain of clothes in the dressing room to put back on hangers and no one can ever seem to fold things correctly. Also, now that it is summer there is nothing stopping hordes of children from coming in and messing up your displays.

4. Food Service

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It seems that it is a rite of passage for a young person to have an unusual work experience in the food service industry. Whether you are a server at a restaurant or someone who works in the kitchen as an aid, you understand the struggle of dealing with people and their food. People send food back, ask you a million questions and take forever to make up their mind. Working in the food service industry is definitely not for the faint of heart or for people who are easily offended.

5. Real Adult Internship


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At some point you leave the odd jobs behind and you set out to find a professional internship that will give you some experience on that handy resume of yours. The search for an internship can often be stressful but once you find one, you feel on top of the world. Suddenly, you feel less like a child and slightly like a real adult. You are that much closer to understanding what the real world is like and actually want to do a good job in order to gain references and professional contacts.

What summer jobs have you had?

 Feature Image: photo credit: Scott Smith (SRisonS) via photopin cc