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The typical, American image of college is crazy tailgates, college sports rivalries, and insane frat parties afterwards. While plenty of colleges have a huge sports following and community who actually goes to the games, there are colleges out there where most of the student body doesn’t know about or attend the sports games. On the weekends, there is no football game or tailgate to plan for, and even if there is a sports game, it isn’t known as a school-wide event people go to. For the sports college goer, this sounds horrible, absurd, and has you wondering what the hell these people do on the weekends. Well, here’s what people at sports schools should know about the colleges who lack a sports community.

1. You just find other things to do.

On any college campus, there is always going to be somewhere to go, something to do, and people to meet. The sports games are replaced with movies, plays, performances, going out to eat, going to the bars, or anything else someone feels like doing. The college experience without football games is simply that. There are plenty other things we fill our time with.

2. Your school will get criticized for having no community.

“There’s no event at your school that every student attends? How do you meet people? How does everyone know where to go?” Well, at a school without a sports following, we meet people in pretty much the same way. We go to different events, meet people on our dorm floors, through activities, club sports, classes, or whatever else we’re involved in. The communities at a school without sports can be a bit smaller. There are communities within the greater school community.

3. All the athletes are bitter that the general student body doesn’t know they exist.

Only some are actually bitter, but most athletes, since they are already interested in sports, imagine what it would be like to go to a football school. When you’re involved in a sport, you feel the same adrenaline and competitive excitement while you’re watching a game. Wouldn’t it be nice to pregame before a live sports event instead of going to the bar to watch one on TV?!

4. You’ll have school pride over something obscure your school is good at.

Quidditch Team. Improv groups. Famous graduates. Amazingly personable professors. Tiny classes. General pride that we love our school for being different. Or just the fact that we freaking love our group of friends, and we’re just fine hanging out in the dorms, thank you.

5. Day drinking is at ‘drunch,’ not the tailgate.

Drunch = drunk + brunch. Just like a tailgate, there’s food and booze. We couldn’t sacrifice day drinking at our non-sports schools, so we replaced it with drunch.

How is your college experience different?