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“You’re gonna miss it when it’s gone! Live it ALL up!”

I don’t care what anyone says, but there are countless aspects of the college life that I am NOT going to miss. How could I possibly miss staying up past midnight studying in the wretched library multiple times a week? Will I really miss paying over $500 for textbooks that barely get used each semester? Nope. No I will not. Good riddance and see you never, come May 2015.

Yet, there are a few special things I know I am going to miss about this lifestyle that I’ve been living for the past four years. It’s actually gonna be a tough transition to live without these things, and that’s why I’m starting to prepare myself now. No, I’m not going to start to cut these wonderful activities out of my life over the next few months. It’s just good to keep a mental reality check that college doesn’t last forever. For college seniors, it’s time to start really appreciating what you have now before it’s time to walk across that stage in a few shorts months.


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1. Taking naps between classes.

Ah, yes. For many of us, we plan our naps out for the next day the night before. We’re usually up late studying…or on Netflix…or out drinking on Wine Wednesday. Whatever we may be doing the night before, there’s always a good reason to take a nap the next day, especially if gaps in your schedule allow you to. If a nearby sleeping spot is available, why not take advantage and take a little cat nap? Living on campus, while not always entirely glamorous, has its perks. I love going to my dorm just to take an hour snooze after my 8 am class. It’s kind of hard for me to accept the fact that this won’t be an option when I get that 9-5 gig. So, I’m gonna take every opportunity to nap while I can. That’s how carpe diem works, right?

2. Playing the “broke college student” card.

“Mom, can I please have $X amount a month for groceries. I’m broke and hungry and the cafeteria food B L O W S.” Let’s face it, we’ve all asked our parents for money at some point for groceries or something else we may rather not want to admit to. Not too long from now, we’re gonna [hopefully] have real-people jobs that won’t exactly give us a viable excuse anymore. I’m not saying milk your parents for money while you can. I’m just saying that they’re not always going to be that financial crutch you can fall back on. You shouldn’t depend on them, anyway. Go use that expensive education and make your own money! Also, take advantage of every student discount you possibly can. They say you’re legally an adult when you hit 21. False. Adults don’t get free popcorn with a student ID at the movie theater. You’re like, actually a normal human who gets no discounted prices again until you’re a senior citizen. Let that sink in.

3. “Stealing” free food.

Colleges seem to constantly host events that involve free food. There’s no way getting around an event at school without being tempted by free pizza or cupcakes staring you in the eye. And sometimes, there are those exclusive club meetings that have free food. “Members only” means nothing to college students. I personally have had complete meals from events that I wasn’t necessarily invited to. The anime club’s monthly meeting was in a very central location and I snagged a few slices of pizza when no one was looking. The way I see it is this: if some of my tuition is channeled towards part of a club or event’s budget, then the free food offered is fair game. Stealing free food is guilt free in college. I don’t know if there will ever be another establishment I’ll feel comfortable stealing free food from, and that makes me a little sad.

4. Getting ego boosters from underclassmen.

We were all freshmen once and we all made horrible, silly mistakes. We all did things we look back on and cringe at now. That’s what freshman year is all about: doing stupid things to get out of the way so you can really do the next 3 years right. So as upperclassmen, we watch freshmen do the same things we did and ask ourselves, “Did I actually act like that at one point in my life? OHGODNO.” While we may feel like we really “get it” now, we’re going to be like freshmen all over again next year…just hopefully without being “that guy” at a party. We’re gonna be back at the bottom of the totem pole as we try to get jobs and do everything we can to prove that we’re competent humans who actually learned something in the past four years.

5. Being surrounded by friends all of the time.

Many of us went into college without knowing anyone else there. Now, we can’t imagine what life would be like without meeting some of these people who we’ve become so close with. If you’re ever having a bad day, at this point you know exactly who you can text and have an emergency beer and pizza night with at the local bar. If you live in a house with a bunch of roommates, there’s rarely a dull moment. You guys always find something new to laugh about or bond over. If you play your cards right, maybe you could live with some of your college roommates again in the future. But what you’re going to miss is that college-mindset camaraderie. Getting ready for big games together, deciding which pregame to go to, and dissecting texts from guys that probably aren’t worth your time. We all need to cherish the friendships we’ve made so that they’ll be there for you no matter what the future may bring.


What are you going to miss about college?

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