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If you are planning a vacation to the UK anytime soon then make sure that you know all about the best bits and places to visit. If your trip is only for a couple of days then you will want to squeeze as much fun and adventure into that short timeframe as you possibly can. You also probably want to find out about the less expensive ways to have fun, being a student and all!

London is a destination that is famous for being the home of the Royal Family, its great history and tradition as well as loads of big red buses! If you are interested in English history, then London is the perfect place to go exploring. Here are some essentials for your London To Do List:

Learn some cockney rhyming slang

Ever heard of cockney rhyming slang? Well it is a language based on rhyming words that is well-used by Londoners.

Just to give you a taster – ‘Would you Adam and Eve (believe) he just went straight up the apple and pears (stairs) to go to Sooty and Sweep?’(sleep). It can be pretty confusing so if someone starts talking like this, at least you will get the gist and realize they haven’t just banged their head (or loaf of bread) and started talking complete nonsense.

Visit Buckingham Palace 

Buckingham Palace

You probably won’t be able to pop in to meet Her Majesty over a cup of tea but you can see where she lives at least. Buckingham Palace is known across the world for being the home of the Royals and you can go on a tour whilst you are in London or simply just have a nosey from the gates if you don’t fancy paying admission costs.

Jack the Ripper Tour

One of the most notorious crime stories of the UK, Jack the Ripper was the name given to a serial killer at large between 1888-1891. The Ripper was thought to be responsible for at least five violent murders in the Whitechapel area of London. The murderer was never caught and remains one of the most documented unsolved murder mysteries. So if you like your crime stories and fancy seeing some of the less commercialized parts of London then the Jack the Ripper tour should be on your list.

London Bus Tour

Hop on a London sightseeing bus to get a guided tour of the best parts of London, whilst traveling in a very traditional mode of transport. There are loads of different tour operators to choose from but most will include viewings of the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, the London Eye and some also throw in a river cruise down the Thames.

A Show at the West End 

West End London

London’s very own Broadway is a must for anyone who wants to experience the magic of the theatre or any of the other entertainment taking place in the West End. This area of London is very busy and includes the financial district, where you will see busy bankers rushing about. There are a large number of excellent shops and restaurants around the area as well. This is essentially where the rich folks hang out, so don’t expect bar and restaurant prices to be cheap! However, if you can catch a great show whilst you are on your visit then there is nothing quite like the West End for musical theatre performances.

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