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So, you are headed off to college. You’ll be spending summers at home until you graduate or get a job and are really on your feet. Whether you are sharing an apartment or living in college dorms, you probably won’t have much room to store your stuff.

The best solution is too leave as much stuff as possible at home. Only take with you to college the things you absolutely need. There may even be some items you want to buy when you get there, even if they duplicate what you have at home.

The further away you are going to college, the truer this is. Moving some things across the country is simply not practical or cost effective. Here are five things you should store at home while you are away at college.

Your Bedroom Furniture

Yes, you will need a bed and a dresser or somewhere to put your clothes when you are at college. However, your childhood dresser or the bed you had all through high school may not be the best answer for you.

With limited space, dorm rooms often have beds or only have room for twin beds due to limited space. Even if you are sharing an apartment with roommates, you may also be sharing a room and limited space as well.

Dressers are cheap, and you may not want that heirloom dresser or nice lamp you have waiting at home to be the place your roommate sets his beer or crushes your lamp with an errant nerf football toss.

Buy cheap items to get your way through college if they are not provided for you, and leave the good bedroom items at home.

Your Car

It may be tempting to take a road trip and drive your car across the country to your new school, but it probably is not good for your car or your budget. Besides, if you live on or near campus, you can do without a car and take public transportation, walk, or bike to classes.

Not only is this better for the planet, but it will also save you some significant money. If your parents do not have room in their garage, and you don’t want your car to rot outside, you may want to look into car storage. The cost will be less than the cost of taking your car with you. Just be sure that you do some simple things to keep your car in good shape while it is being stored.

  • Check tire pressures before you store your car.
  • Top off fluids and add fuel stabilizer.
  • Remove the battery and put it on a trickle charger if possible.
  • Drive your car when you are home, but be sure to store it properly again before you leave.
  • Invest in a car cover, even if your car is stored inside.
  • Clean your car inside and out before storing it.

Following these steps can make sure that your car is still in great shape when you go to use it again, and that storing it does not actually damage it rather than protecting it. Still, leaving it at home is better than taking it to college most of the time.


That book collection you have may be valuable, and you may love to re-read those books, but it is heavy and will take up valuable real estate in your apartment or dorm room. You can also keep it free from damage by leaving it at home rather than taking it with you.

There are a couple of ways you can store books at home as well. If your parents have room, you can simply leave them on a shelf. Just be sure they are away from where sunlight will damage them, and that you dust them regularly when you are at home.

You can also box them up, and either store them in a closet or a storage unit if you have one. This is often the best policy so you know exactly where they are when you have your own place or are ready for them.


Have a collection of baseball cards, comic books, or other collectibles? College is place where these can be damaged or stolen or both.

Leave these items at home. Be sure that you store them properly, in boxes or sleeves, whatever is recommended for them. If you are storing things at your parent’s home, be sure you have a designated spot for your things so they are not lost, stolen, or accidentally given away.

Sentimental Items

While taking a few childhood photos or sentimental items with you to school can make your dorm or apartment feel more like home, probably your grandfather’s watch or the Bible your grandmother gave you that has your genealogy in it should stay at home.

Think of it this way: anything you can lose, that can be stolen, or that you don’t want to get damaged can stay at home until you return or have your own place to store them properly. Not everything needs to come with you, and leaving some things behind is just smarter and safer.

Storing things at home gives you something to look forward to when you get there. Leave these five items at home to save you money and possible heartache.