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Mary Dishigrikyan is a fourth-year Psychology and English student at UCLA. She is a logophile with a passion for puns and Disneyland.  

When walking through a college campus, or even attending college, there are probably some things you’ll notice more than others. I’m not talking about the person who came to a sudden stop right in front of you to text their friend, causing you to bump into their back rather ungracefully. I’m talking about the people who ride scooters to class, and the clack of flip-flops slapping againt students’ heels as they walk past. Have you ever realized just how much of these are from your childhood, resurging after a long period of absence? Here are the 5 trends that are making a college comeback:

1. Razor Scooters

And why wouldn’t they make a comeback? They’re easy to learn and use, with handlebars to help you keep your balance. More importantly, they’re quick and efficient and help people get to class when they’re running late, or when they woke up with a really terrible hangover and can’t summon the energy to lift their pinky, let alone walk to class. Related to Razor scooters, of course, are skateboards, but they’ve kind of always been around. Razor scooters, however, are buried in the back of your mind until you get to a big enough college campus that a good number of people can be seen riding them. One thing that doesn’t seem to be included in the resurgence of these scooters are colored wheels and handlebars. One of the most exciting parts of our childhood was picking our favorite one! But alas – colored scooters are now a rarity.

And if you think college kids and elementary school kids are the only ones who enjoy riding Razor scooters, think again:

Razor scooter

photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik via photopin cc

2. Pajama Parties

Remember when you had to beg your parents to let you stay the night at your friends’ place two blocks away, so you could paint each other’s nails and stalk your crush’s MySpace account? Well, the days of having to receive parental permission for sleepovers are long gone, but pajama parties themselves? They are plentiful in college. They’re probably not exactly how you remember them, though. The parties I’m talking about take place in tiny apartments or tinier dorm rooms and  involve stacks upon stacks of textbooks, endless coffee chugging, proooobably a late-night grocery-store run for some highly caloric junk food, and quizzing each other. All in our pajamas, of course.

3. Sandals

Birkenstocks, flip-flops, kitten heels – you name ’em, college kids have’em. They’re basically all the shoes that we wore when we were younger, but in college it’s…amplified. Probably every 5th person or so that you pass by will be wearing some form of sandals (flip-flops are by far the most popular), and can you blame ’em? Heels hurt. Sneakers and boots require tying or lacing. But sandals? Sandals are every lazy person’s dream, and aren’t we all a little bit lazy in college? Not to mention how incredibly comfortable some sandals can be – Birkenstocks have cork footbeds that mold so perfectly to your foot it’s like you’re being lifted by angels on a bed of clouds. Every time.

photo credit: smallestbones via photopin cc

 4. The Murkiness of Relationships

This one’s a bit more abstract, but true nonetheless. If you thought the games ended in high school, you’ve got a lot of re-evaluating to do. In college, there’s still flirting without intention. There’s still dating without “Defining the Relationship.” There’s still a lot of asking friends about guys who you think are cute and who happens to be a mutual friend (how fortunate!). Also, the odds will be great that you and a friend like each other and will probably have a heck of a lotta back-and-forth between you guys before anybody admits to anything.

 5. Binge-Watching TV

photo credit: Ross Catrow via photopin cc

As a kid, one of the best things in life was waking up early on weekday mornings to watch Dora the Explorer marathons, and then switching over to Cartoon Network for back-to-back episodes of Dexter’s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo. And at night time, the party continued with All That! and The Amanda Show. Binge-watching television shows was an integral part of all of our childhoods, and it doesn’t end there. How many of us have a Netflix account? (or a friend with a Netflix account? Or a friend of a friend with a Netflix account?) I’d wager that about 99.9% of college students can be said to have binge-watched a television show or two at some point during their years at college. C’mon, fess up. You know what happens in the Breaking Bad finale. And in the Orange is the New Black season 1 finale. And in House of Cards

Bonus: Rolling backpacks!

Backpacks on wheels were the #1 thing in Elementary school, and now it’s the #1 way for professors to organize their lectures, quizzes, midterms and assignments from students. The rolling backpack business has not quite met its end…

What is your favorite trend making a college comeback?