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Chynna Mela is a senior journalism student at Temple University and an SC Campus Representative. She can usually be found planning her fall wedding to Harry Styles, attempting to become the female version of Perez Hilton, or eating peanut butter straight from the jar. Check out more posts by her here.

There are few things more important than who your Freshman year roommate is: your future spouse (Because you’re LEGALLY stuck with them), your future kids (Again, you’re LEGALLY stuck with them), and maybe your relationship with the barista at your morning coffee stop (become buddy buddy and she could have your latte waiting for you at precisely 7:25AM). It takes all types of people to make up the population of a dorm, but here are a few kinds that stand out. But before we get started here are guidelines to picking your roommate (if you are given the option):

1. Don’t live with someone you already know
2. Do live in a quad or type of room that has more than two people (Increases your chances of living with someone normal)
3. Do stalk their Twitter or Instagram (if its not too late to switch)
4. Don’t stalk their Twitter or Instagram (if it is too late to switch)


1. The Dialed In

Anthony Michael Hall Sunglasses

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This roommate has an older sibling, older friend, or someone just plain older that already attends your university. This is great. I had this roommate. They’ll know all the places not to go to, the places to go to, and you have a 98% chance of being invited to parties on campus right away. However with great power comes great responsibility:

1. Don’t get it in your head that you’re cooler than the other freshman

2. Don’t get it in your head that you’re as cool as the older people (you won’t be invited back)

3. Don’t try and drink as much as the older people at said party (Not because they have more experience drinking, but they’ve already gained the freshman 15 and it takes them longer to get drunk).

2. The WACKO

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Like I said it takes all types to make up the population of a dorm. There will always be a few crazies, and some people are just plain stuck with them. One of my freshman year roommates brought her chair into the shower with her everyday. She kept her room pitch black 24/7. She stole my phone, threw it out, and helped me look for it. Look, it happens. Laugh about it. Just thank your lucky stars that YOU aren’t the crazy person.

3. The “We’re-Best-Friends!!!”

Best Friends

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It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your interests are, or even if you are as relatable as Taylor Swift and Taylor Momsen are to each other. You are going to be BEST friends. The first series of questions she will ask you will probably be:

1. Whats your schedule like? OOO me too! Lets get lunch every Tuesday/Thursday after our 11:30 class
2. What clubs should we join? (keyword: we)
3. Anything that is mine is your’s. Borrow ANYTHING.
4. What size shoe are you? An 8?
5.  I’m a size 6, but it’s okay if you wear mine and stretch them out!!
6. Want to come home with me for Labor Day weekend?

There really isn’t any escaping it. Just embrace it.

4. The “When-I-Was-In-Highschool”

Beach Friends

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Characteristics include:

a.) Picture collages of her and her “group” used as wallpaper
b.) Pictures of her and her “besties” on her desk (professionally taken)
c.) Graduation tassel hanging by her bed
d.) “Do you care if my friend Chelsea stays this weekend? She doesn’t move to school for another two weeks”
e.) *looking at Facebook* “Oh-my-god I can’t believe the juniors are the new seniors”
f.) “This summer at our senior shore house…”

Don’t worry. She’ll probably have a falling out with her “besties” by October, and YOU’LL gain a new “bestie”. Cheers.

5. The “I Have No Rules”

Marcel (Harry Styles) Drinking

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This roommate didn’t drink in high school, but he/she sure does now. Every. Night. You may have to take care of said roommate a few times, but don’t worry. After they get their first semester grades they’ll do a 360 and be the angelic,quiet, and studious roommate you never knew you had.

Look, not every roommate you have will be your perfect roommate. You may be polar opposites, or practically twins. However it is important that you make the best of it. Learn to love each other and find something that will help you get along. Example: Smuggle a guinea pig into your room and keep it as a pet together (Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t).

What type of roommate are you looking for?

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