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Setting out to find an internship can feel like a really overwhelming task. Where do you even start? Lots of colleges have career centers where experienced people can help you get ready for an internship interview, but when it comes to finding out which companies are interviewing, where and when, the internet is your best friend.

Once you’re résumé is up to date and you feel prepared to have an interview, you need to figure out who you want to get in contact with. Websites specifically crafted for this purpose are everywhere online, but some are far better than others. (We’re talking about sites that are way better than sketchy Craig’s List stuff.) We’ve got a list of the 6 best websites that help you find the internships you’re looking for. On some of these job sites, you can set up a profile and upload your resume right at the start. That way, sending your information to internships that sound appealing is as easy as clicking ‘apply’.

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These sites have features that let you search for internship listings depending upon field of work, location, hours per week, and paid versus non-paid opportunities. You can make the search as broad or as specific as you’d like. A couple sites also have smart phone apps so you can get instant notifications when new job listings are posted, or when you receive a response. Since it’s always professional to reply to potential employers in a timely manner, this can be super helpful. Check out our list below to figure out which website is best for you.

1. CollegeMonster – Find an internship or career in any field from government to start-ups, to the corporate world.

2. InternMatch – This website has a network of over 250 university and department level partners, so there are tons of listings to choose from.

3. YouTern – This website also has a blog called The Savvy Intern. Check out that and their weekly Twitter chat with the hashtag #InternPro

4. InternJobs – Interesting in traveling abroad for work? This site has global listings, and it’s completely free.

5. CollegeRecruiter – This website is specifically geared towards college students and/or recent graduates. You can also download their smartphone app.

6. Idealist – If you’re interested in working for a non-profit organization, this website is the best way to find the right one.

Do you think these websites are helpful for finding internships?