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Emma Pettit is an English and Political Science major who is on the volleyball team at Villanova University.


We all know that for most college students, money is tight. No one  wastes extra cash on high quality liquor. This means that weekends are kept relatively cheap, but everybody knows straight Burnetts or Smirnoff can get old pretty fast. Classic combos like rum and Coke, vodka and soda, and others can also become really boring within your third week of freshman year. So to aid college students in one of their favorite past-times, drinking, here are six new drink combinations to mix up and class up your Saturday night:

1. Bailey’s Irish Creme and Chocolate Milk


Photo via Bossip

This combination is inspired by St. Patrick’s Day but it tasty all year round. Just mix one part Bailey’s Irish Creme and three parts Chocolate Milk and you’re good to go.

2. Captain Morgan and Root beer

Captain Morgan

Photo via NPR

This combination puts a twist on the stereotypical “rum and coke” combo. My favorite brand is Stewart’s, but really any kind will do.

3. Beer-mosa

new blue moon

Photo via Sherwoods

Instead of champagne and orange juice, try mixing orange juice with any light beer. You could use Blue Moon, Fat Tire, or just Bud light to keep it cheap.

4. Hemingway’s Lemonade

Hubert's lemonade

Photo via HappyMom, Recipe via Pinterest

Hemingway was a notorious drinker and this combination was popularized in his name. It’s another simple mix, just combine one part Whiskey (any brand will do) and  three parts Lemonade. But make sure to never make it with the powder.

5. Irish Coffee


Photo via TopWall, Recipe via Pinterest

For caffeine junkies who normally down Redbull and vodka’s, try this new drink with only four ingredients. Mix one part Irish Whiskey with two parts coffee and add a little bit of creme and brown sugar on the top. But be warned, mixing a lot of booze and caffeine on a regular basis is never a good idea.

6. Peach Sangria

peach sangria

Photo via GardenandGun, Recipe via Pinterest

And finally for the wine lovers, there’s a super easy sangria mix that only takes four ingredients. Miz 12 ounces of diced frozen peaches with a bottle of sweet white wine, a half cup of golden rum, and throw some strawberries in if you have them.

All of these drinks take less than five minutes to make and requires only a little extra creativity on your part. Shake up your basic vodka soda’s and rum and Coke’s and try one of these combinations.

CampusRiot does not promote underage drinking. Please drink responsibly. 

Which drink combo are you most excited to try?