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It’s been hammered into your head over and over at this point, but it’s important to realize how important an internship is for when you are on the job market, looking to start your post-grad career. But where to start? You have your resume done, a cover letter draft written…but no internship to apply to. Or too many–with the for-credit, unpaid, and paid internships available, you may be overwhelmed! So what are some places to look for internships?

Here are 6 different places, both online and in real life, to get started on your internship search.

1. Social Networking Sites (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)

LinkedIn has thousands of company connections that it advertises to you on a weekly basis. Once you complete your profile, it begins tailoring the opportunities it advertises to you based on your industry history and your networking connections! What better way to find an internship than to have one emailed to you frequently?On the other end, although Facebook is more socially geared compared to  the networking focused LinkedIn, so many companies have Facebook pages that they check and update frequently. I have a friend who asked about internship opportunities on a consulting company’s Facebook page, and he instantly got an interview — and became known as the Facebook guy at the firm for the summer.

And Twitter is probably the least appreciated of the social networking sites. There are accounts that are purely there to announce internship opportunities in your area. I’m currently following 3 internship accounts that are New York based, and I get at least a dozen advertisements I find interesting every week.

2. Your College Career Center

Your career center, if for nothing else, is filled to the brim with advertisements from local and national firms looking for internships (both immediate and summer placements). If you’re one of the people who have yet to set foot in your career center, what are you doing? Check out their website, at the very least!

3. Your College Career Fairs

Notice how i said “fairs” not “fair”. Your school probably hosts half a dozen career fairs every semester and is, in my opinion, one of the least utilized internship tools out there. Yes, it may require you to get up early on a Friday and dress in a suit, but you’re meeting people in person — people you might click with in a second and make the effort to get you the right interviews.

4. Internship & Job Search Websites

Ever heard of or  They are websites dedicated to pairing you up with internships that match your criteria!

5. A Favorite Professor

You may not realize this, but professors tend to be really well-connected. Many of them are friends with notable managers and executives and researchers–this, of course, means you have to be choosy with professors you inquire about jobs. Some might not have the connections that suit the internship you’re looking for. I for one have gotten 2 of my internships through professors who get frequent emails from their colleagues seeking help.

6. Your Family & Family Friends

It’s amazing how many jobs and internships fail to be advertised because managers seek out potentials from previous connections already. This is probably the least competitive means of attaining an internship — why not use it?

There you have it, 6 places to look for internships. This, of course, also applies to job seekers.

Check out the video below all about career tips on internships!
Career Tips - Internship Part 1

What are some other places to look for internships? Let us know in the comments below!


Photo courtesy of bpsusf via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).