So I’m writing this article, but I am in no way talking down to you here. I am just as diseased with this issue as you are. But lets be a team here, and work on beating procrastination together this semester.

I know, I know. Netflix is way more interesting and entertaining than any paper you’ll ever have to write. And what’s putting it off one more hour? But here’s the issue. It’s been proven that if you don’t procrastinate, and do your work ahead of time and not the night before, you will get a better grade. At 11pm you’re tired. You’re body has been up for a long time, has sat through multiple classes and your brain isn’t functioning at its full potential. And no, Red Bull won’t actually help you. It may keep you up, but it wont make you sound more literate. Sorry to be the crusher of hopes and dreams here. So I’ve come up with a few totally manageable (and totally do-able) ideas for you to welcome into your life that will guarantee you success in getting ahead and leaving procrastination behind.

1. Go to the library.

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Get out of your dorm room, get out of your dorm lounge. Go to a place where other people are studying as well; where there is guaranteed peace and quiet. If anything, you’ll be so bored you’ll be forced to get some work done.

2. Get a calendar or a planner that you can use.

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This is crucial. When you get your syllabi for your classes, immediately write down all of the due dates for your assignments and when your exams are. If you don’t, these important dates will creep up on you. Also, when you see that you have exams coming up, you will feel more motivated to get started studying earlier and get the best grade in the class.

3. Hang out with people that inspire you to do well.

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Find the go-getters, and hang out with them. Pick people who know what they’re doing in class as partners for class projects and learn their secrets to success. Suddenly you’ll realize that being an academic champion isn’t as hard as it seems.

4. Limit social media on school nights.

eeyore its okay ill live without it(GIF via Tumblr)

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest can suck up more time than you think.  Download the app called Self Control — it blocks your own access to these distracting sites. It’s brilliant and it works.

5. Tell your friends about your goal.

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If you have other people in on your goal to end procrastination, they will be keeping an eye out for you to make sure you’re not being sucked into Netflix or Facebook. You may get annoyed by their constant nagging on you, but you’ll thank them in the end.


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And when I use caps lock, you know I’m serious. It all comes down to you. If you’ve made it to college, then you’re disciplined enough to be a solid student. Use that discipline that is hiding somewhere inside you and force yourself to be a better student. You will be a much happier person knowing you can go to bed at 10 the night before your exam and get a solid amount of sleep than at 2am and be totally exhausted for your test. It will be a tough habit to break, but if I’m gonna do it, so can you!

How do you avoid procrastination?