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Some may argue that people really find themselves during college, but once people are thrown into “the real world,” it seems that they really show their true colors. Their goals and hobbies may completely change, and it seems that you are on completely different parts of life than them. However, you still remain friends just as you said you would, and you have quite the crew to count off.

Some a bit serious, some a bit wacky, some a bit uptight, and others make you roll your eyes. These are 6 types of friends you will have in college:

1. The Wifey

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Whether it is the friend that was buck wild in college and made a complete 360 once a diploma was placed in her hand (still beer sticky from celebrating the night before), or the friend who purchased monogrammed bathroom towels for her future home with her (nonexistent) husband, every early 20-something has one friend that is wifed up.

When she texted you a picture of her perfectly manicured hand (convenient considering she was “so surprised he popped the question”) with a diamond ring perched on her finger you gasped. Of course your immediate reaction was to squeal in delight. Then you counted her friends, his friends, and attempted to figure out if you would make the cut as a bridesmaid.

After the initial excitement begins to die down, you actually begin to hate her. Why? Well, she is making you look bad by settling down. She’ll be the first to have kids and will repeat over and over what a blessing her beautiful children are. Yeah, and so is being able to go to the bar on Friday nights.

2. The Free Spirit

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You haven’t the slightest idea what she does for a living, but she must be doing something because she has funds to travel all the time. She didn’t graduate college, and though she is only a few credits shy of wearing a cap and gown, she insists she isn’t in a rush to be a “real person”.

Keeping up with her pool of guys is absolutely exhausting. When you ask how Todd is, she explains she is now with Kyle, and when you ask how Kyle is, she looks confused and insists there never was a Kyle. Going for drinks with her is an absolute trip, and she somehow manages to sweet talk every bartender into cutting your tab down to close to nothing.

She texts you at least twice a week asking you to meet her for some mid-day drinks, and you sigh as you reminder her that you actually have a job. Though you are proud of your accomplishments, you secretly really, really, want to live her life.

3. The Teeny-Bopper

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Check her birth certificate because there is no way this chick is actually 23. When you need to know the current gossip with Teen Wolf, One Direction, and whether or not Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are off or on today, she is your girl to call.

She constantly complains that she is so tragically single and can’t figure out why. Hello, check the boy band posters on your wall and your tweets to said boy band members. You tend to play the role of mom when you go out with her, and you insist on holding her ID, keys and cash once you enter any bar.

When you need a good, cheap night-out you know to call her because she’ll order round after round of bud lights without thinking twice. She most likely still lives at home, but claims she is super independent. Just let her go. She’ll find her way in the end.

4. The Corporate Complainer

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She landed a coveted top position at a major company fresh out of college, and has more money than the rest of you and your friends combined. She only shops at the Loft and Ann Taylor, and navy blue is her staple color.

In college she was always an over achiever, but she has taken it to a whole new level. On the rare occasion she hits the town with you on a Saturday night (way too tired from work to go out on a Friday), she pays for every drink she can. Bless her heart she certainly isn’t stingy with her cash.

She claims she has no time for dating, and has three different online dating profiles that you check for her. When you all go away for a vacation, she gets the most buck wild out of anyone, but you all smile in encouragement. It’s about time she lets her hair down.

5. The Hopeless Romantic

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If you head to the movie theater on any given Sunday night, you’ll find her clutching a bag of carrot sticks she snuck in, sniffling at the latest rom-com movie, alone.

She, too, has various online dating profiles, but unlike your corporate gal, she checks them religiously. She goes on date after date, and there certainly isn’t anything wrong with her. However, she insists that there isn’t any “spark” with any of the guys she dates (even after one date).

Her goal in life is to fall hopelessly in love with her soulmate. When you go out for drinks, she spends the entire time eyeing up a cutie at the bar; but when you suggest she go talk to him, she looks at you like you have 6 heads. Weddings are HER event because where is a better place to fall in love than at a wedding?!

6. The Dude

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By rule of thumb you’ll remain friends with at least one guy friend from college. He keeps you grounded and is surprisingly one of your favorite clutches to vent to when you’ve had a bad day. The best part about your guy buddy? He DIDN’T change from college to now.

The guy he was in school is the guy he is now and it is incredibly refreshing. Of course you have to insist to every family member 5 thousand times that you are NOT dating and never will, but in the back of your mind there is always a little voice saying “what if?!”

Which type of college friend are you?