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Who doesn’t love spring break? It’s always nice to get a breather in the middle of second semester to escape classes, studying and dining hall food. Whether you’re traveling or just chillin’ at home, there a tons of great things to do to have some fun while you’re away from school. Here are just a few tips for having a meaningful and awesome break!

1. Do something you’ve always wanted to do

Sky Diving

Spring break is the perfect time to do something different, something you’ve either never had the time, or the guts to do! Maybe you’ve wanted to go skydiving, rock climbing, or take a cooking class. This week that you have off is the perfect time to explore your passions and interests.

2. Take a road trip

Road Trip - Driving in Convertible

If you have access to a car and money for gas, taking a road trip with your friends is an awesome way to spend your week. No matter where you go or what you do, there will always be places for you to stop and enjoy the beauty of the USA! There are always cool things to see within a few hours’ drive.

3. Movie night with the family

Popcorn Movie Night

Chances are your family missed you a ton while you were away at school. Show them you missed them too (even if you didn’t that much) by having a fun movie night with your family. By showing them you’re taking time out of your week to spend with them, speaks volumes to your parents. And earning brownie points with your parents never hurt anybody, right?

4. Go abroad

Eiffel Tower France

Take this week and travel abroad. You have 7 days to see a part of the world that you’ve been dreaming of traveling to. Hopefully you’ve been saving up, as it could be a little on the expensive side, but it’s totally worth every penny. Plane tickets are typically cheaper this time of year, so finding good deals is much easier to find!

5. Beach it out

Beach Towel

If you’re lucky enough to travel somewhere warm this break, make sure you hit up the beach. Laying in the sand and having some beach time will help you feel renewed before you go back to school, and it will get you into the summer mindset. So plug those headphones in, stick those toes in the sand and soak up that sun. If not for you, do it for the rest of us still freezing at home.

6. Go to a concert or festival

Concert - Fans Waving Their Hands In the Air

No matter where spring break may take you, there are bound to be concerts going on. And if you’re a real music junkie, you could center your break around concerts or festivals that are happening around the country. Many cities like New York and Los Angeles have concerts lined up during college spring breaks, so be sure to look into it.

7. Spring cleaning

Messy Closet - Spring Cleaning

While it may not be our favorite way to spend our time during break, accomplishing a spring cleaning is a great cleanse for your space and your mind. By clearing clutter and getting rid of clothes, books, etc. ¬†you don’t need, you’re giving yourself the clean space you need to finish the semester off strong!

What are your plans for spring break?