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Mary Dishigrikyan is a UCLA graduate with a major in psychology and english . She is a logophile with a passion for puns and Disneyland.  

Whether you’re preparing for an important interview that you really want do well on, or whether you’re about to meet somebody for a first date (or blind date!), coming across as cool and collected is always a great idea. First impressions tend to be pretty lasting – and accurate, strangely enough – so you want to ensure that yours is an unforgettable one (and I mean unforgettable in the best possible way).  Here are 7 tips on making a great first impression.

1. Fake it (but hopefully you won’t have to)

Ever heard of the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it”? Try this on for size: fake it ‘til you become it. I’m talking about confidence; when somebody is sure of him or herself and feels like they have a lot of self-control, this confidence is very easily radiated. Moreover, when it comes down to it, people come across as more approachable and genuine the more self-confidence they have – or seem to have. So, the more you fool yourself into thinking you’ve got insane amounts of confidence harbored inside yourself, the more likable you will seem. Also keep in mind that our body language shapes who we are – that is to say, our bodies influence our minds. If we simply think or act like we have more confidence, then we’re able to trick our minds into thinking that we are confident! So, stand in a “powerful” gesture for 10 minutes before a job interview, and you’re likely to be significantly less nervous and appear more confident during the actual interview.

If you’re interested in where this information comes from, check out this TED talk from social psychologist Amy Cuddy:

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